Seminar Overview

Lesson Plan for Critique of Prose

Lesson Objective:

Elegant, clean prose is as rare as hen's teeth. Beyond simply knowing how to produce good prose, we also need to understand how to critique it — while it's one thing to write good prose, it's an entirely different thing to understand what makes for good prose.

To properly deconstruct prose, you must be highly competent at prose — and it is all but impossible to achieve that competence in the span of a single seminar. Instead, our aim is to focus on 'low-hanging fruit' — things you can quickly identify which, when fixed, will improve the quality of prose. We'll also go over when prose isn't that important, and what to do when someone's prose is so bad that no amount of suggestions you provide will address it.


  • What is 'prose'?
  • Why is it important?

Part 1: Patterns

  • Relevant details
    • secondary detail
  • Detail
  • Detail
  • etc

Part 2 - Part 2 Title

  • etc

Part n - Conclusion

  • Go over topics you have covered briefly, in a summary
  • Link any resources you think are applicable
  • Assure participants they can come to you if they have any questions
  • Take questions
  • Thank everyone for coming

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