Late Stage Capitalism
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter


Fig 1.1: Provisional Site-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter around Provisional Site-XXXX is maintained by a steel wire mesh fence (approx. two meters in height) and three security guards. Three of its four entrances and all windows have been welded shut and shielded with sound-proofed steel-reinforced urethane-foam paneling. A weekly external inspection is conducted to fortify or replace these panels as needed.

The remaining entrance is enclosed inside a prefabricated modular containment chamber that has been sealed to the site's exterior. This chamber incorporates a pneumatic air-lock (to provide safe access while minimizing exposure), three air-compressors (to maintain the site's positive atmosphere), and three centrifugal pumps (to remove effluent for sterilization and disposal). Once per week, a 50L colloidal solution of aerosolized carfentanil and midazolam is introduced to the site's interior via the air-compressors' injection ports.

Exploration of Provisional Site-XXXX is to be accomplished via remote-operated drone only. Any organic tissue attempting to exit the site is to be incinerated immediately.


Fig 1.2: Portion of SCP-XXXX retrieved from site (mastication activity continued for 3 hours post-removal).

Description: SCP-XXXX is approximately thirty cubic meters of living tissue with a complex structure and differentiated cells (including hair, muscle, teeth, and neural tissue) extending throughout the second floor of Provincial Site-XXXX (formerly the office of Marchand-Mercer, a hedge-fund management firm). Multiple biopsies have revealed the presence of several dozen distinct genotypes, including instances of Apis mellifera (American honey-bee), Cicadetta montana (New Forest cicada), Sus domesticus (domestic pig), and Homo sapien (human).

In 2005, Foundation personnel responded to reports of the second floor being inaccessible. Witnesses described a rancid odor accompanied by an unidentified yellow-green effluent excreted into the building's water supply. Upon establishing contact with the office by phone, agents were greeted by "squishing sounds", "guttural groans", and muffled sobs from an unidentified female.1

MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") used breaching charges to force their way in through the elevator shaft. The floor was found uninhabited; SCP-XXXX had integrated itself into numerous components in the office (including electrical outlets, printers, telephones, and desktop computers).

Two months prior to SCP-XXXX's discovery, Marchand-Mercer's stock portfolios experienced unprecedented growth. This continued until Foundation personnel forcibly isolated SCP-XXXX from all internet and telephone lines.

Marchand-Mercer's seventeen employees remain unaccounted for.

Addendum XXXX.1: Recovered Emails

DATE: 2004/10/21
FROM: Horace Oswald <tni.recrem-m|dlawsoh#tni.recrem-m|dlawsoh>
TO: Christoper Haywood <tni.recrem-m|doowyahc#tni.recrem-m|doowyahc>

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