Hook, Line and Sinker
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Item #: SCP-4956

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Information regarding the murder of SCP-4956-1 must be obtained at all costs.

Description: SCP-4956 is a series of phenomena that prevent the Foundation from learning more information regarding the murder of a Vietnamese man, hereafter referred to as SCP-4956-1, within Norway. The only information that the Foundation has gathered regarding SCP-4956-1 is the following:

  • SCP-4956-1's name is Quang Nguyen
  • SCP-4956-1 was murdered in Norway.
  • SCP-4956-1's murderer was a human.

The Norwegian and Vietnamese governments have prevented specifically Foundation personnel from learning more information regarding SCP-4956.

It is to be noted however that details regarding SCP-4956-1's murder are non-confidential and can be viewed by any civilian that wishes to learn them. Any attempts at questioning civilians regarding the nature of SCP-4956-1 have resulted in failure, as the civilians will always refuse to share the information with anyone that is affiliated with the Foundation. All Foundation personnel have been banned from using any service which houses information regarding SCP-4956-1's murder.

Despite this massive breach of security, it appears knowledge of the Foundation is temporary, as civilians will not mention nor acknowledge the Foundation after these encounters unless spoken to again by another Foundation personnel.

The Foundation should not fail.

Addendum-1: On 15/9/2016, ███ ████ was forcefully interrogated within their home in Water Bottle, Kansas. ███ ████ is an administrator of the forum that first published information regarding SCP-4956-1. The following is an audio file of the event:

The Foundation cannot fail.

Agent Fredrick bangs on ███ ████'s front door.

Agent Fredrick: Police!

███ ████: Fuck off, won't ya? I know it's you.

Agent Fredrick knocks down the door and tackles ███ ████, restraining them. ███ ████ is subsequently tied to their chair with rope.

███ ████: The fuck do ya want?

Agent Fredrick: Please… please tell us who murdered Quang…

███ ████: I'd rather die.

Agent Fredrick: Please man… we're getting desperate, we'll pay you, any offer you can name.

███ ████: As I just said, I'd rather die.

Agent Fredrick: We'll give you the keys to Site-19, we'll give you all the gold you could ever want, just PLEASE…

███ ████: You got an earwax blockage up in there? I do believe I have told you two times already that I'd rather die. Fuck off, won't ya.

Agent Fredrick begins to sob loudly. He slowly grabs his gun.

Agent Fredrick: Please…

███ ████: Do it fucker.

Agent Fredrick shoots ███ ████ in the head, killing them instantly.

Agent Fredrick: I just want to know…

Nothing has escaped the Foundation. Nothing.

Addendum-2: On 19/9/2016, an anonymous entity contacted O5-2, claiming to have information regarding SCP-4956-1's murder. O5-2 instantly ordered Mobile Task Force Entryway-17 ("God Save The Council") to escort them to the entities' location within Norway.

We will know. No matter the cost.

As of writing, it is 2/1/2020, and O5-2 and MTF Entryway 17 have not returned from this journey. O5-7 has ordered they be escorted by Mobile Task Force Entryway-23 ("And We Will Live On") to O5-2's location.

The Foundation's dignity will not be tarnished.

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