Interviewed: Poi-Placeholder

Interviewer: Dr Placeholder

Foreword: [Small passage describing the interview]

<Begin Log, [optional time info]>

Interviewer: Nice to meet you, Jacques. I'm Doctor Sallust. Can I get ou anything before we start? Coffee, perhaps?

POI shakes his head.

POI: Let's just get on with it.

Sallust: ..If you wish. Tell me about your wife, then. When did it start?

POI: It was almost a month after her and Susie came back from the hospital. It was the happiest month of my life. I thought Charlotte would feel the same, but she seemed different, quiter. I realize she just had a baby, you know, I heard about that thing, uh-

Sallust: Postpartum depression?

POI: That, yes. Doctor mentioned it in a phamphlet. I was going to talk to her about maybe seeing a counsellor, but we were both exhausted. Never heard children scream so loud before. It slipped my mind.

Sallust: What hospital was this again?

POI: St Joseph's Hospital. It's about four minutes from our house, just past the McDonald's.

Sallust: And what doctor?

POI: Uh, think it was Doctor Salvorian?

Sallust: Thank you. Continue, please.

POI: Something odd happened about a month after that. She asked me once, as we were getting to bed, if she thought Susie might have been switched at the hospital with another baby. I thought it was a joke, so I agrred,, but she just got mad and went straight to bed. I woke up later that night when Susie was crying, only to see her standing there, just watching her.

Sallust: What did she say?

POI: Nothing. She just stood there, staring at me. It sounded ridiculous at the time, but I was starting to be worried about Susie. Uh, actually can I get some water?

Interview is temporarily paused for a break.

Poi: Thanks.

Salllust: Think nothing of it. So, you said you were starting to worry for your daughter's safety? Is that when you called your in-laws?

POI: Yeah. Charlotte was getting less sleep, she'd just spend all her time with Susie, never picking her up or even touching her. Just staring. So I thought I'd call them, get some backup on the thought of her seeing a counselor. They got there a couple days later. Explained the situation while Charlotte was out, we thought we'd all sit down and talk to her about it.

Sallust: What happened next?

POI: Well she came in, we tried to talk to her. But she just went upstairs and came down with Susie and showed her to them. Then they started agreeing with her! Talking about how it definitely wasn't ours, Henry was saying something about how we needed to get rid of it. He called our baby an it.

I tried calling for help, but the neighbors took one look at Susie and started trying to take her from me. Same for the police. Knew I had to run. I went back to the house, but Charlotte had the keys. I tried to get them from her, but she wouldn't give them up and she was trying to take Susie and screaming at me and-

I had to do it. She would've killed her. I got the keys off her, headed out of town.

Sallust: And that's when you were apprehended by Eta-10?

POI: The swat guys? Yeah, they grabbed me off the highway. Said something about a cognitohazard, told me to-

Junior researcher Irkwright enters the interview room.

Irkwright: Doctor Sallust? I have the records you wanted.

Sallust: Thank you, that's all for now.

Irkwright exits the room.

POI: So uh, Doctor, when do I get to see Susie again? I'm just a little worried about her, want to make sure she's alright.

Sallust: About that… We need to have a difficult discussion.

POI: What, is something wrong with her? What did you do to my kid? I swear to god, if you so much as layed a finger on her I'll-

Sallust: Please calm down, or I'll have to get security. I have your wife's hospital records here, and I think there's something you need to see.

POI: What is it?

Sallust: According to the hospital's records, Charlotte Abernathy had a hysterectomy three years ago. She would've been incapable of having a child.

POI: No.. no, that's impossible. I remember it clearly, the hospital's lying, you're lying!

Sallust: You two would've been at the hospital, but it wasn't to give birth. Charlotte were there for a checkup after she broke her hip falling off a ladder. I'm not exactly sure what happened there, but afterwards…

Sallust shows a frame from a security camera of POI-6789, POI-6790, and SCP-[BLANK] emerging from the hospital to POI-6789.


Sallust: We actually got our call from Charlotte's parents. They said they were worried about their son in law's mental health, as he was insisting that they had a grandson when their daughter was barren.

POI: What is she- it, then?

Sallust: We're not entirely sure ourselves. We know it has cognitohazardous properties, but that's all. That's the only case we've found, and there were no reports of missing infants from that hospital or any other within a four hundred kilometer radius. Wherever it came from… that's a mystery for now.

POI: Charlotte. Oh god. She was… she was just seeing the truth?

Sallust: We're not sure why it affected you so strongly. It could be a biological resistance perhaps, or maybe it had something to do with the painkillers you received. We'll need to run a few more tests.

POI: I killed her. She was trying to tell me the truth, and I killed her.

Sallust: I'm sorry for your loss.

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