How To (Build/Sabotage) The Perfect Containment Chamber
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Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Safe

Revised Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000 is contained on the site of its original discovery. Previous security measures have been re-implemented.

Description: SCP-0000 is a marble sculpture depicting a woman mid-scream of terror, arms held out in front of her. Observers have noted the sculpture as appearing "disturbingly" realistic. A small opening reminiscent of a keyhole is present within its chest.

SCP-0000's primary effect is that any personnel within fifty meters of the statue begins to develop a fear of locks. While temporary, the effect grows in strength the closer the subject moves towards SCP-0000. Personnel within the immediate vicinity of SCP-0000 will refuse to open any door, untie shoelaces, handle necklaces, or any other action that could be seen as "opening" an object.

Discovery: SCP-0000 was discovered at Location of Interest-0000, a heavily fortified, seemingly autonomously run1 compound in the Mojave Desert. LOI-0000 had been known to the Foundation for a number of years, but all previous efforts had failed due to a combination of SCP-0000's effect and advanced security features.

On 2019/02/20, staff at the observational outpost noted that SCP-0000's gate was open. A cursory investigation revealed that all turrets, cameras, electrified fencing, and three devices analogous to Scranton Reality Anchors had been cut off from their multiple redundant power sources. No sign of any intruders were found.

In the center of the compound was a small building with several blast proof doors, all of which had been forced open, revealing SCP-XXXX within a electromagnetically-shielded cell.

At the time of discovery, one key made of an unidentifiable substance was found in SCP-0000's hand, which has been tentatively classified as SCP-0000-1.

Based on the circumstances of its retrieval, testing of SCP-0000-1 has been banned.

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