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Hyperwolves: Fast, dangerous and seemingly electricity based creatures which originate from a Foundation mining world.

A hyperwolf has striking wolf like features, including a snout, ears, and a tail. Each instance stands at least 7 feet tall with no known upper limit. Eye witness reports indicate that hyperwolves are incredibly similar to werewolves presented in the media. However, all hyperwolves do not appear to be composed of traditional organic matter and instead are comprised entirely of differing shades electricity, the most common color being blue.

While the initial vector of infection is unknown, two methods of transmission have been proven:

The first is from contact with bodily fluids from the hyperwolf in human form similar to the transmission of STDs.
The second is from being killed directly by a hyperwolf.

Often times, compromised individuals are unaware of their state as a hyperwolf. When put into a situation that would threaten their life, the hyperwolf will be awoken and will overtake the individual. Video captured of the transformation itself shows that it only lasts roughly 54 milliseconds.

Hyperwolves are capable of moving at speeds of up to 20 km/s and are able to travel along electrically conductive material at even greater speeds. While no direct measure of strength has been recorded, hyperwolves have been shown to be able to break through most materials with relative ease, with only materials which have been reinforced through thaumaturgic methods posing any problem to them.

While in hyperwolf form, instances are incredibly resistant to all forms of attack. All conventional weaponry has been shown to have no effect on the instances. Thaumaturgic attacks can slow down the instances, but no known attack has been able to permanently damage or kill the hyperwolf. So far, teleportation has been shown to be the most effective method of slowing down or possibly even stopping the hyperwolf.1

However, while in human form, hyperwolves can be killed with relative ease. Caution must be excised as should the individual become aware of the attempt to kill them before it can be carried out, they will transform into a hyperwolf.

Hyperwolves were first encountered within a Foundation mining facility in [insert planet/star system here]. Foundation units stationed there were unequipped to deal with the threat and they quickly spread to all Foundation outposts. The planet was eventually abandoned and survivors were evacuated. Because of this evacuation, hyperwolves were able to spread to other Foundation home worlds and outposts. Research into a method of eradication is currently underway. Due to the the fact that hyperwolves are unable to travel in space, abandonment of compromised worlds has been shown to be the most effective method of containment.

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