I will throw open the doors/Of the library and search for you there

The Wanderers' Library was, is, and will always be a place of learning welcome to all. No matter the seeker, whether they were a saint or sinner, were permitted as long as they abided by the rules set when the Tree of Knowledge was first planted.

Of course, that didn't mean that everyone was welcome.

The day it arrived was one unlike any other. There was a tension present in the air, as if the library itself held some horrible unspoken secret. An observant eye would see this tension present in even the Docents, who hurried to and fro their shelves with a nervous energy.

Then it appeared. The King of the Gallows, the One Who Was Hung, Apotheon, Pinyin Si. Ruler of Alagadda, master of a thousand damning symphonies.

The Hanged King had appeared in the epicenter of the multiverse's knoweldge, a poisonous snake gathered around the tree's beating heart.

Most, if not all, of those who were there to witness the sight fled immediately. Thousands had been drowned and dragged to Alagadda, and none wanted to suffer the King's attention. They fled to the docents, to the great patrons, asking them to do something about this a

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