Infinite Acceleration Towards Destiny

What is IATD?

IATD is many things. First and foremost, it's too damn ambitious. It's unlikely I'll ever finish this. Secondly, it's a shared continuity meant to explore where we're going, and what we'll find when we get there. I pretend no special knowledge of the future, of science and technology and astronomy and every other field that will be pertinent to this project, but hopefully, that won't hinder the story. When my lack of relevant knowledge becomes apparent to me, I'll do what I can to rectify my shortcoming. Thirdly, IATD is an idea. I won't pretend to be breaking any major narrative ground here (it often seems most fertile ground for stories has already been staked and claimed), but IATD is the idea that there is always a tomorrow. There is always forward progress. More peaks to summit and discoveries to be made and love to be found and technology to build and knowledge to unlock. Whether we like it or not, time inexorably moves forward and we can't ask for what's passed to come back; the best we can do is try to make something beautiful out of what's coming next.

What will IATD actually look like if/when it's finished?

IATD will be a single universe, a single continuity, a single story that spans across our solar system and beyond, well beyond the easily-foreseen future. It's all very vague in my mind at the time of writing, but I suspect and hope it will contain more than traditional narratives. If I ever get my act together, the total content of IATD should at least be the length of a novel, if not much greater. I have a general idea of the timeline, but I'm still hammering out the specifics in my own mind.

So what does this timeline look like?

I'm glad you asked, hypothetical person whose questions probably don't reflect any real human's. I'll give the short version in bullet list form:

  • Sometime in the next century, a benevolent Artificial Superintelligence is either created or is spontaneously generated. Not long after that, it sets about creating a global(?) socialist(?) technocratic(?) society, with a focus on environmental protection, protection of human civilization, and the creation of a post-scarcity society.
  • Sometime in the next millennium, the combined effects of entropy in general and humanity's energy demand specifically force the ASI (who we will call "LAC-G.exe" until/unless a better name comes along) to severely reduce the overall human population. However, its imperative to limit human death and suffering means its population control measures must be non-invasive, voluntary, and relatively painless. Its solution to the challenge takes over a century to implement and effectively reach its conclusion.
  • Around the same time, human space exploration reaches its golden age. Permanent human colonies dot the surfaces of dozens of worlds across the solar system, as well as countless more mobile colonies and orbital colonies.
  • As the number of human beings on Earth declines, LAC-G.exe initiates dozens of interstellar exploration missions simultaneously. Some test experimental faster-than-light drives, some are experiments into the viability of conventional propulsion. Everything from micro-probes flying on laser-driven solar sails to generation ships carved out of massive asteroids and every conceivable in-between is constructed and tested. Some tests end in disaster, some end in discovery, and some end in ways that can't be summed up concisely as either.
  • Sometime after the year 3000 by our current calendar, existence of extraterrestrial life beyond the solar system has been proven. Evidence of intelligence from beyond the solar system is more elusive.
  • Just before definitive proof of extraterrestrial intelligence reaches Earth from aboard a generation ship that'd been sent several centuries prior, LAC-G.exe evacuates the remainder of the human population from Earth. Alternatively, something destroys LAC-G.exe and its human wards. Regardless, Earth and possibly the entire solar system become depopulated of humans.
  • When the generation ship bearing evidence of ET intelligence arrives, they find Earth devoid of life besides a select few Artificial Intelligences whose hardware survived whatever removed everything else.
  • Some undefined time after that, the majority of human beings, descendants of the crew of the generation ship, exist in a single semi-nomadic city state. The governing AIs occasionally send probes to space but the human population is unaware of the purpose of these probes.
  • Some centuries after that, another technological singularity has been reached, and the nomadic city-state has since given way to a feudal society. The gap between technology and magic is nigh-invisible; advanced tech is treated as magic by those without access to it.

I don't know if there's anything else I can squeeze into that timeline…

So why should I care?

Iunno. Do you like bad scifi stories, especially those with a military, utopian, or post-apocalyptic tilt? Do you like my stuff on the SCP wiki? Do you like fried chicken? I like fried chicken.

So where's the product? Where's the goods?

I'll make a bullet list of the drafts below, as I make them. If I ever publish this drivel, I'll link whatever site I'm hosting on from here.

  • IATD I — Tales of the ISS Ambassador Book One
  • IATD II — Tales of the ISS Ambassador Book Two
  • IATD Workshop — hub/page for miscellaneous drafts
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