Tales of the ISS Ambassador Book I Hub


  1. Worldbuild. Tell us who's building the Ambassador and who its crew is gonna be. Go full Asimov.
  2. Come up with a cast of characters to populate the story.
  3. Let them loose. See where these people go, what they do.

Further notes:

  • Show us life for the Space Cadets (working nickname) from swearing-in to retirement.
  • Show us the world the Space Cadets live in. Introduce the concept of LAC-G.exe, perhaps show us its perspective, but don't focus on LAC-G.
  • Explain how the Ambassador and its sister ships are being constructed, and their function.
  • Explain the human government's justification for the Project. There must be a damn good reason for building multitrillion-dollar spacecraft.
  • On a related note, show LAC-G's modus operandi. How does it work without stepping forward and demanding human worship? Being a God Emperor Incognito can't be easy.
  • Remember to do research, to keep it grounded.
  • Remember to have fun. You can't expect your audience to have fun if you don't.


  • Intro:
    • Introduce the Librarian.
    • Hint at the rest of IATD and the Librarian's place in the continuity.
  • Act I:
    • Space Cadets in Basic Training.
    • Explanation of the Project's militant discipline.
    • Explanation of global demilitarization.
    • Introduce characters to follow throughout.
  • Act II:
    • Vignettes of the Project and its personnel.
    • Vignettes about life outside the Project.
    • Nota bene: Don't put all the cards on the table, but introduce LAC-G.exe. Demonstrate the Project's accomplishments.
  • Act III:
    • Introduce the Ambassador
    • Explain the Ambassador's bits and pieces.
    • Launch.
  • Outro:
    • Tell us more about the Librarian
    • Link to Book II


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