Tales of the Ambassador Book I Cast

The following is a list of all major characters included in Tales of the Ambassador Book I, including their full biography and their relationships with one another.

  • Librarian: seems to be an automated system. Speaks to the Guest. Knows a lot, isn't good at sharing that info with someone who's clueless. Provides the Guest with documents about the world of IATD.
  • Guest: Might be a wizard.
  • Harold Johnston: Born sometime towards the end of the 21st Century. Enlisted in the Deep Explorations Project at 22 as a Public Relations Specialist; later selected for spaceflight duty to help document construction of the Ambassador. Eventually becomes primary Public Relations Contact for the Ambassador, spending most of his career telling the story of the people building it. Retires well before construction is finished, dies the day Solar Exit Trajectory is initiated.
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