1 - Lest We Forget
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Item #: SCP-XXXX


SCP-XXXX's entrance level, with the office space down the hall, and the lift system at the end.

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel with the exception of the O5 Council who were previously aware of the contents of SCP-XXXX have been amnesticized and reassigned as necessary.

The former entrance to SCP-XXXX has been sealed by executive order of O5-1; any attempts to overturn this order or to reopen the structure will result in detainment, interrogation, and potential termination of persons involved.

Description: SCP-XXXX denotes a massive subterranean complex located beneath the Jotunheimen Range in Innlandet, Norway. This space is solely accessible via a metal blast door attached to a small installation at the surface. A plaque mounted next to the entrance reads "SCP Foundation Department of Abnormalities" in Bokmål.

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