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When image licensing puts up too much of a fight, Denali will sometimes take it upon himself to capture his own fascinating photos.

Name: ItsDenali / Denali

Base of Operations: Florida, USA

Position: Emerging Media Management Student, writer, photographer, geology & travel junkie, and bison enthusiast

History: ItsDenali, (or Denali for brevity's sake) first discovered the SCP Wiki in the summer of 2018 via a series of memes that made him wonder what the heck all these numbers and letters meant. By late summer he had at last joined the SCP Foundation Site. Through several episodes of trial and error of getting to know the Wiki and how it worked, as a cringey, failed article, he surged back up on August 26th, 2018 having produced his first surviving mainlist article.

Denali continues to post SCPs to this day, chipping away at them whenever he has time, always looking for ways for them to reference each other and obscure details about his personal life, and severely over-analyzing every last detail before posting.

Welcome to hell aboard!

Articles Filed: (In chronological order)

Future Projects: (If I ever actually get to them)

  • So Says I (See SCP-5000 Contest)
  • Dance With Me
  • Kilroy Was Here
  • You're Wrong About Joke SCPs
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