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Notice: The file you are trying to access is restricted to 6/XXXX Level Clearance.

Level 6 Clearance is restricted solely to members of the O5 Council. This file is protected with a Clought-Class memetic kill agent. Proceed without proper authorization and memetic inoculation can be lethal.

You have been warned.

(Some sort of thing in the middle idk :P)

My fellow O5s,

I'll be frank.

We have had our fair share of Amida-scale problems to deal with over the course of our duties, but very, very few threats have come as close to tearing away this Veil that we so painstakingly work to maintain as this one did. Though the rest of world may have forgotten, let us remember how lucky we happened to be this time, and to learn from this.

Do not let the deaths of those that delivered us from evil be in vain.


Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

All information relating to SCP-XXXX and Incident XXXX-Sigma are to be expunged from all Foundation records with the sole exception of Site-01's DEEPWELL Secure Server; this single document may remain, and is restricted solely to members of the O5 Council.

Emergency viral and aerosol-form Class-K Amnestics have been released into the global population and lower ranks of the Foundation to purge any recollection of the events on (date). Remaining sources proclaiming knowledge of SCP-XXXX and Incident XXXX-Sigma are to be located, detained and amnesticized immediately. A cover story explaining the Incident as an unexpected series of natural disasters is to be disseminated to the public; Foundation personnel may be allowed to know that the cause was anomalous in nature but may not be given further details.

Foundation shell companies and charities are to aid in recovery efforts worldwide while discretely recovering field evidence of the event's occurrence. Cooperation with Groups of Interest such as the Global Occult Coalition and Manna Charitable Foundation is authorized to this end.

SCP-XXXX was an apex-tier pluripotent entity manifesting itself as a massive, vaguely humanoid form measuring roughly 200 meters in length. SCP-XXXX bore distinct reptilian features, including crystalline, scaled skin, large talons on each of it's fourteen major limbs, and an elongated face akin to that of a snake, lined on either side with seven eyes. Several scaled tendrils ran off of the top of its head, similar in appearance to hair, with large crystals of sea salt protruding from the end of each tendril.

As observed during Incident XXXX-Sigma, SCP-XXXX possessed the ability to manipulate a variety of mineral-based matter on an incredible scale. The subject also possessed near-immunity to conventional weapons such as firearms, explosives, and the like; anomalous weaponry proved effective.

SCP-XXXX was sentient, highly intelligent, and openly hostile towards human civilization as a whole. While the exact dialect has not been classified, SCP-XXXX spoke in an archaic form of what is believed to be Sumerian. Although common linguistic markers shared with Daevitic dialects have been noted, these connections are thought to be minimal.

SCP-XXXX was initially discovered inert in a large subterranean temple (later designated Site-206-B) near Hatra, Iraq during a Project Carnarvon excavation in 1990. Provisional Site-206 was established above the space for ease of access for Foundation personnel.


A section of Site-206-B's entrance, partially flooded with saltwater.

Site-206-B was massive. Prior to its destruction, its entirety had yet to be fully explored, yet even so, roughly 2 km² of floor space were mapped. Extending from the entry point, accessible as a small entryway near the surface, Site-206-B consisted of a long entry hall that connected to many rooms on either side. At the end of the hall is a massive chamber wherein SCP-XXXX was discovered.

Each side room contained depictions of unidentified figures in a variety of situations, possibly representing written records of lost mythologies. Most of the depictions seemed to revolve around an serpentine entity with decorated braided hair and a pronounced snout, possibly referencing SCP-XXXX. The stories detail the entity in situations of creation, courtship, and destructive rituals. The stories appear to follow a linear progression that progresses with a room's proximity to the main chamber. Above the entrance to the main chamber was the final story, which appears to depict several entities with hats 1Pronounced headwear is commonly used to denote divinity in Mesopotamian mythological depictions; as such, it is likely that these depictions represented were other gods in the main entity's pantheon. rising up against the entity, overthrowing it, and ultimately sealing it away underground.

The main chamber measured several hundred meters in width, length, and height, and featured a massive pit containing a granite throne facing the entrance, on which SCP-XXXX was reclined when discovered. The walls and pillars of the chamber were covered with cuneiform writing, with majority of the writings appeared to be writs of sealing. An inscription above the throne reads "Slumber forevermore, [TRANSLATION PENDING]."

Access to the Site-206-B has remained limited to personnel of Clearance Level 3 or higher since its discovery.

On (date), at 1:04 AM local time, Site-206 was compromised.

Nine armed Chaos Insurgency agents attacked the compound, first targeting and disabling the Site's communication array. Following that system's failure, all monitoring equipment automatically switched to an internal secure server. The following log is a breakdown of security footage recovered from Site-206's black box following the event.

[1:04]: Site-206's communication array loses functionality. Secondary secure server storage is activated. As dictated by protocol, a short-range distress beacon is broadcast on a secure frequency; it would later be determined that this beacon signal was scrambled by present Insurgency equipment and was not received by nearby Foundation Sites.

[1:06]: The main section of Site-206 is infiltrated. Chaos Insurgency agents shoot and kill all ten security personnel in the area, fifteen Project Carnarvon researchers, and wound thirteen more. One Insurgency agent is killed.1

[1:20]: Insurgency agents press deeper into the Site towards the entrance of Site-206-B. At this point remaining security forces become aware that something is happening and converge on the agents. The entrance to Site-206-B is sealed.

[1:55]: Following a thirty-five minute shoot out, three agents are killed and one is incapacitated. Security forces begin exhibiting signs of anomalous psionic interference, apparent in sudden bouts of visible confusion among security forces. The cause is initially unidentified.

[2:10]: The shootout ends with the Insurgency agents having killed a majority of the security forces. Remaining security agents retreat to an above-ground storage space for shelter. They are not pursued.

[2:15]: Insurgency agents reach Site-206-B and breach the entrance seal with a set of detonators. Noxious gas canisters are released into the entryway, incapacitating all present personnel; Insurgency agents don breathing devices and proceed further into the hall.

[2:23]: The agents perform a sweep of the side rooms of the temple, and are ambushed by hidden security personnel; a brief shootout occurs in which five security members and one Insurgency agent are killed.

[2:30]: At this point a researcher who escaped the Site during the initial shootout arrives at an adjacent Site in the nearby city of Erbil, Iraq and informs them of the situation. MTF Sigma-12 "Marduk's Thunder" is notified and begins to assemble.

[2:40]: The remaining three Insurgency members enter the final chamber. A few attending researchers hide in recesses around the room as they enter. The agents don't seem to notice them.

[2:41]: The three agents approach SCP-XXXX on the wide railing surrounding the central pit. Due to its positioning, the head is directly accessible from the railing.

A researcher, later identified as Researcher Griffin, who had been analyzing SCP-XXXX is concealed on the opposite side of its head. He draws a light firearm from his side and begins to sneak around to a more advantageous position.

At this point the agents are within range of the equipment monitoring SCP-XXXX and their speech can be detected.



Weather conditions outside of Site-206 shortly after SCP-XXXX awoke. (Maybe make this the timestamp for when it breached??

O5 Council Meeting Video Log Transcript

Date: (day of incident)

Subject: Response to Incident XXXX-Sigma

Location: Site-01 Overwatch Command Meeting Room


O5-1: The council has been called to deliberate the next best course of action for dealing with the threat currently posed by SCP-XXXX. Please note that time is of the essence, so a quick decision is needed. Now, O5-10?

O5-10: Yes, -1. Preliminary engagement efforts have been deemed, well, catastrophic. The subject appears to be essentially immune to conventional weapons, and has been tearing through our forces. MFT 1, 2, and even 3 are just (pauses) gone.

O5-6: Have any teams tried to implement non-conventional weapons?

O5-2: (Rolls his eyes.) No, we haven't tried nuking it.

O5-6: I meant have we tried utilizing any anomalies against it?

O5-7: Not yet, but I have had some of the meta-engineering division compile some… samples. Their files can be found in your briefing documents.

O5-9: (Sound of paper flipping.) This device… (Gasp) Project Ararat!

O5-7: A refined version of it, yes.

O5-4: We're trying to save the world, not erase it!

O5-1: I helped oversee the progress of Site-98 and the Project myself; the technology is stable. Rest assured, -7 and I intended for this device to be used only as a last resort.

O5-5: Okay, okay, we can worry about Ararat later. What are we going to do about the damn sky falling?

O5-12: How long until the asteroids reach Earth?

O5-1: Roughly seven hours. Judging by our long-range scans, there are thirteen. Judging by their trajectories, we can assume they will enter a wide orbit around Earth and impact at a somewhat even distribution for maximum damage to the planet.

O5-9: We have the firepower to deter or destroy them, I assume?

O5-1: (Is silent for a moment before speaking.) Given our current resources and taking into consideration the amount of assets we have in the field at the moment trying to maintain the Veil, we only have capacity to partially destroy seven or eight of them.

(Several council members begin arguing loudly.)

O5-3: The… I (pauses) have a proposal.

O5-1: Yes, -3?

O5-3: Our resources simply aren't great enough to deal with this kind of threat right now, so what if we… expanded them?

O5-9: How do you mean?

O5-3: We have armies of individuals with incredible abilities at our fingertips. I have seen men who can annihilate mountains with their bare hands, who's to say they can't do the same with meteors?

(Several O5 members can be heard clamoring over their microphones in intense argument and shouting.)

O5-1: (Yelling over the commotion.) Can you all please try to exercise some degree of professionalism?!

O5-11: The logistics of such an endeavor are insanity, and how can we be sure the reality bending ones wouldn't just wink us out of existence the second they leave containment?

O5-3: We would only draw from a pool of non-hostile or compliant subjects. The more powerful ones who we'll need to utilize that don't exactly trust us can be closely managed on an individual basis while they deal with the threats at hand.

O5-11: How would we even be able to distribute them to the right places across the world on such short notice?

(They are silent for several seconds.)

O5-6: Ways. G.O.C. orbital weapons would be strong enough to break up any asteroids we can't, and—

O5-2: We are not allying with the fucking Serpent's Hand and G.O.C.

O5-1: (Interrupting.) I said professionalism, -2!

O5-6: What choice do we have? We took an oath to Secure, Contain, but most importantly Protect. If we can't work together on this, there won't be anything left to Protect at all!

(O5-2 and O5-6 continue to pettily argue at each other before O5-1 interrupts.)

O5-1: Two! Five! Pull your heads out of your asses and focus!

(The two council members pause then reluctantly lean back into their seats.)

O5-1: I propose a vote. The utilization of select humanoid SCP subjects in conjunction with cooperation alongside select Groups of Interest to defend Earth from SCP-XXXX. All in favor?

O5-1, -3, -5, -6, -10, -11, -12: Aye.

O5-1: All opposed?

O5-2, -4, -7, -8, -9: Nay.

O5-1: O5-13 abstains. The measure passes. I will forward relevant data to all of your secretaries.

(O5-1 rises, briefly eyeing the shadow on the wall.)

O5-1: Thank you, all. Meeting dismissed.


Immediately following the conclusion of the O5 Council meeting, an emergency summons was sent to representatives of the Global Occult Coalition, and Serpent's Hand. Roughly two hours later both parties agreed to meet at an agreed-upon location. GOC representative Olivia Trømston, Serpent's Hand representative Peter Zao arrived at (time). O5-5 was chosen as the Foundation's representative due to her exceptional negotiation skills and charisma. The following is a transcript of the meeting.

G.o.I. Meeting Video Log Transcript

Date: (day of incident), two hours after

Subject: Inter-group Cooperation Proposal

Location: somewhere important lol


O5-5: Thank you all for coming on such short notice.

Trømston: Our pleasure.

Zao: Ditto.

Trømston: Now, I don't think I'd be reaching too far to assume that an emergency meeting between not only O5-5 herself but a Hand representative of all people means the Foundation must have dug itself into a pretty deep hole, am I wrong?

O5-5: Somewhat, actually. You can thank the Chaos Insurgency for this, but as I know you probably know by now, (she gestures to Trømston) there are thirteen asteroids the size of New York hurtling towards Earth as we speak.

Zao: Thirteen what-now?

Trømston: And that huge sandstorm in Iraq has something to do with it, I assume?

O5-5: (Hesitantly.) Yes, that is correct.

Trømston: And I suppose this could have been avoided in the first place if you had simply destroyed the Iraqi artefact upon discovery?

O5-5: I didn't invite you here for a philosophical debate. Rather…

(She produces two folders from her briefcase and hands them to Trømston and Zao, then folds her hands on the table.)

O5-5: I came here to ask for your help. As it stands, the Foundation currently possesses enough assets to shatter six to seven of the asteroids once they have grown close enough to Earth. We have our own means of dealing with the shattered remains once the bodies have been splintered, but, for the sake of humanity's survival we would require the Global Occult Coalition to assist in these efforts.

Trømston: Our orbital weapons.

O5-5: Precisely. From our limited knowledge, I assume they would fit the bill, so to speak.

Trømston: Perhaps they would.

Zao: Where does the Serpent's Hand come into all of this?

O5-5: One major issue preventing the proper application of our assets to estimated impact points is time, or rather the lack thereof. Even running at full speed, our earliest field team candidates would not be ready until just over an hour before impact. Therefore the deployment of our assets to their targeted impact points is, given the size of the Earth, logistically impossible by conventional means.

Zao: So non-conventional means would be…? (A look of realization flashes across his face.) You want us to set up Ways across the world?

O5-5: (Nods.) About twenty, to be exact. Do you think you could manage that?

Zao: For so many in such a short time it would definitely be a feat. (Exhales and widens his eyes.) But I think we would just be able to manage, so long as we had the proper materials on hand.

O5-5: So you're willing to help?

Zao: I didn't say that.

Trømston: Which brings up a valid point. What do we have to gain from helping you?

O5-5: Well, I assumed the continued habitability of the only habitable planet in our solar system would be a tempting prize, but I suppose I overestimated your values.

Zao: (Eyes Trømston oddly.) Um, yeah, it's a good enough point for me, though I know many in my faction would be rather put-off if we couldn't liberate a few (Making air quotes with his fingers.) "humanoid objects" in the process. After all, with an operation of this scale, a few would be bound to fall through the cracks during clean up. I'm sure your higher-ups wouldn't mind letting a few go, right?

O5-5: (Flatly.) I am the higher-up.

Trømston: Which means you have access to everything in your database, correct?

O5-5: (Hesitantly.) With very extreme exceptions, yes.

Trømston: Good. I'm sure the Coalition would love to acquire some additional hardware models to operate with.

O5-5: (Flips through some of her papers before looking back up at Trømston.) I'm sure there are a few schematics the meta-engineering corps wouldn't notice missing. Would that suffice?

Trømston: (A small smile spreads across her face.) I believe so.

O5-5: Excellent. As for the Hand's needs, I can arrange a few… mishaps to happen following the operation.

Zao: (Nods.) Glad we're seeing eye to eye. Plus, saving the world isn't that bad either.

O5-5: I'll notify the appropriate channels and have the necessary details sent to you two immediately. (She gathers her papers and rises from her seat.) Thank you for your cooperation. Let's hope everything goes as planned, shall we?


The following is a collection of details concerning some of the anomalous weaponry deployed during Incident XXXX-Sigma. Note that most of these models had been constructed or finished prior to the emergence of SCP-XXXX.


A component of the Cavalier Drive without external casing.

Technology Designation: Hume Degeneration Utilization Engine, A.K.A. the "Cavalier Drive"

Description: A device fueled by matter undergoing humic decay that allows for the generation of large quantities of energy. Utilizes anomalous technology to translate energetic byproducts of decay to electrical or mechanical energy that can be utilized for other purposes.

The Drive can be used offensively if the outputting energy is stored and discharged at a single point. Three models capable of this were created shortly prior to the emergence of SCP-XXXX and were finished during Incident XXXX-Sigma. They were later deployed to combat deter space debris during the Incident.

Notes: Widespread application is limited by the large financial costs of the device's construction and the unavailability of humically-unstable material.2Such matter is typically retrieved from spaces with naturally low-hume values, such as lower-level universes, pocket non-dimensions, or in rare cases, the products of unstable reality anchors.

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