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2/0000 LEVEL 2/0000
Item #: SCP-0000


SCP-0000-A performing in 2012.

Special Containment Procedures: Distributors of media potentially affected by SCP-0000 are to be monitored and have said media updated with non-anomalous versions. Individuals confirmed to be under the effects of SCP-0000 are to be amnesticized and have their personal devices confiscated and cleared of SCP-0000-affected media.

Description: SCP-0000 is a phenomenon affecting all musical tracks released after 2017 by SCP-0000-A, the American indie rock band "The Shins." This phenomena is only present in officially released media, and is not known to manifest in small scale audio such as impromptu singing, unless the target song was subject to official release after 2017.

SCP-0000 will enact a series of alterations to listening individuals' perception of members of SCP-0000-A. While details of these alterations typically vary, affected persons will invariably perceive band members as possessing increasingly vermicular1 characteristics. This effect will persist and intensify the longer an individual is exposed to SCP-0000.

(media addendum)

Incident 0000.1: On (date),

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