Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Pending

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained at the location of its discovery.

The progress of SCP-XXXX's reconstruction is to be continually tracked; any deviations from its usual progression are to be noted to Dr. Jaskes or Researcher Griffin immediately. See Addendum XXXX.3

Description: SCP-XXXX denotes an entity discovered beneath Jerusalem, Palestine1 SCP-XXXX is composed of five concentric metallic rings up to seven meters wide that are externally covered in hundreds of eyes; these rings are positioned at various angles around a red crystalline core bearing a similarly ocular appearance. Due to SCP-XXXX's immobile nature, these rings are static.

In addition to its unnatural composition and assumedly extradimensional origins, SCP-XXXX is anomalous in its complete immune to physical trauma, having perfectly withstood all attempts to inflict damage to it to date. Despite this immunity, SCP-XXXX has at some prior point sustained significant damage by unknown means, visible in that segments of several of its rings have been cleaved or broken off, with a considerable portion of its mass being absent when first documented.

SCP-XXXX undergoes variable cycles of inactivity from which it will intermittently awaken, during which times interaction can be attempted. SCP-XXXX exhibits full sentience and has displayed the ability to understand all forms of communication; the subject will typically respond in kind, though seems to prefer Aramaic to other languages. SCP-XXXX communicates through the emanation of a deep, masculine voice from its core, though the exact mechanism by which these sounds are produced is not understood. Outside of direct conversations SCP-XXXX has not been known to speak, although personnel have reported hearing whispers from the subject while inactive.2

Addendum XXXX.1: Currently, SCP-XXXX is rebuilding itself through unknown means, very slowly accruing additional mass in the place of its missing segments. While the rate of reconstruction has varied considerably over the course of its documentation, its current rate allows SCP-XXXX to regenerate roughly 0.5% of its missing mass annually. No means of slowing or halting this reconstruction have been devised.

Projections estimate SCP-XXXX will finish its regenerative process by late November of 2023. It is anticipated that once this occurs SCP-XXXX's anomalous capacities will expand and attempt to escape its containment. Preventative measures to counter this are still being drafted, though due to the unknown nature of the subject's potential abilities, there is still much deliberation on what measures will be required.

Discovery: The first modern documentation of SCP-XXXX was made by members of the Horizon Initiative in 1963 when they relinquished control of the subject from a Kabbalistic cult that had been occupying the catacomb system at the time. It is unknown when members of the cult discovered SCP-XXXX.

Due to faction complications and an internal financial crisis, representatives of the Initiative contacted the Foundation in 1981 inquiring about transferring containment responsibilities. An agreement was quickly reached and the Foundation took over management of SCP-XXXX, as well as its relevant records.

Addendum XXXX.2: Dr. Kavaler was an American archaeologist who was initially contacted by the Horizon Initiative to aid in the study of an unusual branch of catacombs discovered beneath Jerusalem and stood as a central figure in the Initiative's excavation and study efforts.

After being present for the discovery of SCP-XXXX during the investigation, Kavaler agreed to continue working on-site and observe secrecy protocols. Dr. Kavaler ceased involvement with the Initiative and resumed academic affairs in 1981 when the Foundation took over SCP-XXXX's containment.

The following is a collection of excerpts from a journal kept by Kavaler during his time working with SCP-XXXX, made available to the Foundation by the Horizon Initiative.

September 10, 1971
I do my best to keep a professional composure during excavations, but what we discovered today shattered all expectations which I may have had going in. Rings, eyes, crystal, like something from the passages of yore, though probably even older.3
I've never been a very religious man myself, but the implications of this thing's existence are… world-breaking, to say the least. As… unorthodox as this whole situation is, Clayton and I have agreed to remain with the Initiative for now to help them, under strictly confidential terms, of course.
What exactly is this thing, and what happened to bring it here? Suppose that's why Clayton and I are here, after all.

May 24, 1972
Clayton and I have been doing our best to piece together the thing's history with what we have available. Those Initiative people are certainly helpful, if not a bit zealous.
The Kabbalists we recovered this thing from were from a local cult that called themselves the "Harbingers of Sky." I did some digging and it seems they've been lurking around beneath Jerusalem since the 1800s. Reliable info on the group is scarce at best, but from what I've gathered, it seems the cult formed following some extraordinary event that occurred beneath the city. If I had to guess, that event was this thing showing up.
The Harbingers kept watch over it for decades, but as time drew on, their ranks thinned more with each passing year. What we encountered six months ago was merely what was left of them after all that time. They looked almost relieved when we delivered the news that the Initiative had agreed to take control of the situation.

Anyway, supposedly the entity was already damaged when the Harbingers first bothered to write anything about it down, and I can't find any evidence suggesting that they witnessed it being broken before then, so we haven't found anything on that front.
What we did find however was very interesting. The iconography around the chamber matched several early nephalimic sigils from the databases I was afforded, and all of them point to one possible use: a summoning. Not for anything like the ringed beast, but something more demonic in nature.
If our theory is correct, then the main chamber may very well have previously been a battleground of sorts. Clayton and I believe that the ringed entity appeared here in response to the summoning, possibly to counter or neutralize whatever was created. The ensuing clash between the two forces would explain the presence of the scorch marks and gashes around the chamber, as well as the current state of the ringed creature, assuming the ritual produced a being powerful enough to do so. As for what became of that being, or where it is now, we can't be sure.
Clayton thinks the ringed beast destroyed it before itself falling immobile from sustained damage. I fear that it may have fought and escaped off to some odd corner of the world to do God-knows-what. Either way it's gone, and as far as we can tell, it's not coming back.

June 2, 1972
It woke up today.
The whole thing began to hum, the core started glowing faintly, and some of the eyes even began to blink. We figured to make the most of the opportunity and try to communicate with the thing.
One of the Initiative men, Samuel, volunteered as soon as the plan was announced, seemed eager to get a closer look at it, giddy almost. We set up what little equipment we had and let him approach. Samuel was shaky as he walked up to it, had it been from excitement or fear I couldn't tell. The thing's eye lit up a rosy color and turned towards him. He introduced himself and asked if it had a name. It just stared at him, though the humming grew deeper, and even from the sidelines, so to speak, we could hear a chorus of whispers emanating from the eye. He kept at it for a little while, but was only met with that constant, low hum.
Clayton stepped out of the observation booth to tell Samuel that we were done for now, and the eye swiveled towards him, turning a light blue color. And that's when it spoke, or tried to at least.
The entire thing started vibrating, rings and all, before it seemed to compose itself and focused its vibration on its core, shifting the pitch around until something of a voice emanated from the core. At first it was shreds of vowels, consonants, nothing intelligible, but as it gained more and more control of its "voice," it was forming words, even sentences.
Our translator was scribbling away in his notebook in no time, eventually turning to Clayton. Translating for the thing, he said the beast had said it sensed in him a "seed of renewal," though noted that the phrase didn't translate perfectly and that "reconstitution" was merely the closest word he could determine at a moment's notice. The core tilted around slightly, almost wobbling as it belted out another line of what I now know was Aramaic. The translator sat for a moment before writing some more things down and repeating what it had said to all of us. It had requested to help "foster the garden" with Clayton while it repaired itself, and in exchange, allow us to study it further.
After conversing with the translator, Clayton approached the thing and agreed to cooperate if it would mean getting to the bottom of this place and its history. The core turned a light purple color and bounced in place before dimming. One by one more and more of its eyes closed until the core had fully darkened.
Whatever this whole fostering deal means or what garden Clayton supposedly possesses is beyond me, but this is easily the most progress we've made on this whole project thus far.
He and I are really going to have to brush up on our Aramaic, by the looks of it.
(The bottom of the page is marked with crudely written text incorrectly spelling an Aramaic phrase equivalent to "yay!")

June 12, 1972
According to the database, Ophanim are supposed to be constantly aware and awake, yet this one seems to be asleep most of the time. Of course, we could theorize to the Moon and back as to why, but I believe the root of its unusual behavior lies in its restorative process. Its possible that the process simply requires a lot of bodily energy.
Which begs the question: where is that energy coming from? Is it already inside Throniel, or is it somehow manufacturing new power through unknown means? For all we know its core could be a reactor of sorts.
Either way, Clayton and I still have a mountain of questions and an anthill of answers.

August 9, 1972
I need a break. I'm taking some time off. There's gotta be something fun to do in this city.

August 10, 1972
Got chewed out by the project head for trying to sneak out. Apparently my "dangerous" behavior could have compromised the secrecy of the operation. Now they've got Clayton and I under watch.
As if I'm going to run up to the first person I see and immediately convince them I have an angel hiding in my basement.

September 18, 1972
We've decided to call it Throniel.
We figured that angelologically speaking, this thing is a Throne, an unnamed one at that, so adding an "-iel" suffix to it seemed easy enough. Rolls right off the tongue pretty well, too, and most of the Initiative members don't seem to mind.

September 30, 1972
Someone tried to attack Throniel today.
uhhhh guy attacks it for his faction, gets eye blasted and cries uncontrollably or something idk yet

Addendum XXXX.2: On November 26th, 2023, at 5:02 AM local time, SCP-XXXX completed its reconstruction process, having restored all of its missing mass. Moments after its completion was detected by monitoring equipment, as well as several present personnel, SCP-XXXX darkened and fell silent for several minutes before reactivating and slowly rising into the air, its rings began rotating and spinning around the core.

The core then rotated to face its "eye" on the present Researcher Griffin, and spoke in Aramaic:

You are strong of heart, son of Richard
Your faith like iron, forged in the fires of sin
Raise thy blade, and prepare
He comes

SCP-XXXX then began glowing with increasing intensity before demanifesting. At this point, an anomalous electromagnetic signal was released from SCP-XXXX's location and broadcast onto every electronic device within a one kilometer radius capable of processing and displaying audio or visual content, forcefully displaying a message on their screens. The message read as follows:

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