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Welcome to the Bison (Sand)Box

Not sure why you're poking around my sandbox of all places since most of this is either still under construction or just something I braindumped after taking too much melatonin.

Please no stealing uwu

SCPs I Might Actually Finish
1 Absolution LINK
2 While You Were Dreaming LINK
3 CorpseCon 1 (Unused) LINK
4 Tuna Sandwich -J LINK
5 Old D.o.A. Article LINK
6 Bone, Blood, and Soul LINK
7 Finna Nut LINK
8 Voiceless LINK
9 Old 6K Concept LINK
10 Remember Us LINK
11 Miserere Mei LINK
12 5700 Rewrite LINK
13 4997 Rewrite LINK
Tale 1 LINK
Tale 2 LINK
Tale 3 LINK


Posted Pages
Great Food, No Atmosphere LINK SCP-4845
So Says I LINK SCP-5700
Pariah King LINK SCP-5888
Blackline LINK SCP-5082
All For The Better LINK SCP-6014
Bison Box Theme LINK
Geological Division Theme LINK
Style Cheatsheet LINK
Kaktus Comp Test LINK
Declassified Sandbox LINK
Bison Box Draft Page BISON
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