Waterful Wildlife World of Environmental Retribution!
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Part of the entrance to SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The property on which SCP-XXXX is located has been purchased by a Foundation shell company and cordoned off as a condemned building site. As per the Ethics Committee ruling on (date after exploration), exploration of the interior of SCP-XXXX not to be conducted until further notice.

Description: SCP-XXXX denotes the remnants of the Australian amusement park "Waterful Wildlife World!," spanning roughly 0.6 km2 and consisting of several structures originally designed for park operations.1

SCP-XXXX exhibits a variety of anomalous ill-defined phenomena, including but not limited to inconsistent internal geometry within buildings, the presence of unidentified entities around the premises, and more. (See addenda below.) more stuff here??


William Fritz in 2007, six months prior to his disappearance.

History: Prior to the emergence of its anomalous properties, SCP-XXXX functioned as an aquarium and amusement park for residents in the southern area of Victoria, Australia. Known for its poor management and rumors of dealings with corrupt Australian politicians, inadequate animal handling, and the premature deaths of several animals, the park garnered notable attention from environmentalist and animal rights groups by summer of 2007.

The park's negative publicity culminated with the disappearance and death of William Fritz, one of Waterful Wildlife World's handlers who had been an outspoken opponent of park's management. Fritz was suspected to have leaked evidence of malpractice taking place at Waterful Wildlife World to media groups prior to the deaths of several animals. Fritz was reported missing in December of 2007 and recovered two weeks later from the sewers beneath the area, dead from apparent drowning. The subject's family soon pursued legal action which, compounded with the enormous negative press and pressure from environmentalist groups, led to the park's official closure in spring of 2008.

By April of 2008 reports of unusual activity in the area spiked, leading to an investigation by the Foundation and the eventual classification of SCP-XXXX as anomalous.

Exploration Log XXXX.1: The following is a transcript of the initial investigation of SCP-XXXX prior to the confirmation of its anomalous qualities. This exploration was intended to verify reports of unnatural phenomena present in the area and identify such phenomena if possible. Three members of MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") were deployed to this end.



Exploration Team: Members of MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats")

Subject: Waterful Wildlife World!, Victoria, Australia

Team Lead: Erik Ruhl (Exploration)

Team Members: Sam Huang (Exploration), Krile Mayer (Communications)


(The sound of fabric rubbing over the microphone is audible as Ruhl's body camera is activated. He tilts the camera up towards his face, inspecting the device before letting it settle. His camera shows the gate at one of the rear entrances of the park. He turns, showing the surveillance van, with Mayer inside and Huang finishing adjusting his camera.)

Mayer: Your comms are connected and camera feeds are live.

Ruhl: Alright, it is (date), and Agent Sam Huang and I, Erik Ruhl, are now commencing our investigation of Wonderf— uh, Waterful Wildlife World.

Mayer: (Closing the van door.) Watch your step, you two.

Huang: We'll be careful. Let's begin.

(Ruhl and Huang unlock the gate and proceed through, closing it behind them and walking further into the park. They soon come across a series of open pools now green with algae; rusted piping connects to a small shed next to it.)

Huang: This place has seen better days.

Ruhl: No kidding.

(Ruhl approaches the shed and tries the door.)

Ruhl: Locked.

Huang: Well yeah, with that attitude.

(Huang walks forward and kicks the door, knocking it wide open. Ruhl shakes his head and steps inside.)

Mayer: (Over comms.) Anything of note?

Ruhl: Nothing so far. Just some old pool cleaning supplies and old soft drink cans. Bit of graffiti, small pile of dirty clothes and food wrappers too. Probably left behind by some local kids.

Huang: We should keep moving then.

(The two walk outside the shed. Huang pauses and approaches the open pool, carefully leaning over the side and looking into the water.)

Ruhl: Find something?

Huang: (Pauses and shakes his head.) Thought I heard a splash or something, but the water's still, so never mind that. Let's keep going.


Still frame captured from Agent Ruhl's body camera.

Mayer: "Turn around, there's nothing left to savor here." (Pause.) I expected something a bit more vulgar.

Huang: (Proceeds around the corner, revealing further graffiti, including a large assortment of stylized phalluses and ornate profanity.) Well…

Ruhl: (Sharply inhales and begins speaking in a hushed tone.) Did you see that?

Mayer: Got eyes on something?

Ruhl: Yeah, I think there's a kid straggling around here. Just past this pavilion, around the corner. If there is something anomalous about this place then I don't want any civi's hanging around. Let's show him out.

Huang: Description?

Ruhl: Young male, mid teens by my guess.

(The two proceed across the pavilion and to the corner of the building. They produce fake Australian government IDs from their pockets, pause at the corner, and nod. Huang quickly emerges from around the corner. A young male can been seen at the opposite corner of the building, holding a can of spray paint. He looks up and swears as Huang emerges.)

Huang: DHA2, this is a restric— hey!

(The subject drops the can, grabs a small backpack lying against the building, and begins running. Huang gives chase, with Ruhl behind.)

Ruhl: (Shouting between breaths.) Kid, it's not safe here, just slow down so we can talk!

Teen: (Australian swear)

(The subject suddenly dodges right and runs into a building labeled "Tide Pool Adventures," with Huang following soon after. Ruhl stops outside the door and keels over to catch his breath.)

Mayer: Eric, you good?

Ruhl: Yeah, just winded. Gah. Sam, report.

Huang: (Breathing heavily.) Kid slipped away. Damnit.

Ruhl: He can't have gone far. Where are you?

Huang: Tide pool exhibit, or what's left of it at least. The place is in shambles but the lights are still working. How could this place still have power?

Ruhl: I see the building, but where's the door?

Huang: What do you mean "where's the door," they're right th— shit.

(Huang turns to face the direction of the doors he entered from, only to find a blank wall covered in tattered posters.)

Huang: Krile, give me humes.

Mayer: (Sound of keyboard clacking.) According to your monitoring pack… yes, a localized spike occurred fifteen seconds ago, 10 humes.

Ruhl: Damnit, we should have been more cautious. Krile, notify Command, we have confirmation of anomalous activity.

Mayer: Roger.

Ruhl: Sam, look for a way out of there, and keep an eye out for the kid.

Mayer: Heads up, we have another spike, 15 humes.

Huang: Shit!

(Huang turns to face the tide pool exhibits, a collection short open-air pools clogged with algae. After a moment, the water begins to rise and turn dark. As the water levels pass the edge of the tanks, they continue upward without spilling out. The building's internal lighting cuts off, Huang produces a flashlight and begins shining it around the room.)

Ruhl: What's going on in there?

Huang: (Begins running towards the exit of the exhibit.) Nothing good, I'm finding the kid and getting the hell out of here.

(As Huang approaches the exit, a distressed cry emanates from further inside the building. Huang passes into an intersecting hallway and pauses, shining his light around.)

Huang: (Calling down the hall to his left.) Hey kid, where are you?

(There is no response. Huang turns to face the tide pool room just as the water levels reach the ceiling. Upon making contact, the water within each pool finally begins to spill out viscously, gushing out into the room in a massive, dark wave. Huang curses and runs down the hallway to his left. The water quickly surrounds him and splashes onto his camera; its signal weakens considerably.)

Huang: (Gagging, choking.) God…da—


(Following the loss of signal, Overwatch Command was notified and formal investigation of SCP-XXXX began, with a focus on the location and extraction of Agent Huang and the other individual, later identified as Cody Markel, a local youth. Further explorations into SCP-XXXX's structures are pending.)

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