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Item #: SCP-XXXX


An image of SCP-XXXX's interior as seen by a remote exploration drone, captured shortly before system failure.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be cordoned off from the rest of Beringia National Park under the guise of being an endangered species reservation. As of 12/13/22, no personnel are permitted to enter SCP-XXXX, even for testing purposes. Humans found exiting SCP-XXXX are to be detained and debriefed; all other entities are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-XXXX denotes a large forested area of Beringia National Park in Chukotka, Russia possessing internally inconsistent spatial and temporal dimensions. SCP-XXXX externally appears to be composed mostly of coniferous trees consistently covered in snow, regardless of recent weather patterns. No wildlife has been seen entering or exiting SCP-XXXX to date, though unidentified animal cries may occasionally be heard from somewhere within.

SCP-XXXX’s anomalous dimensions become apparent when passing its treeline and breaking direct line of sight with any area outside of SCP-XXXX; at this point, SCP-XXXX’s inconsistent spatial dimensions manifest and directly exiting SCP-XXXX becomes effectively impossible.

Once effectively inside of SCP-XXXX, the sky will appear to darken to a near-midnight state and stars will become visible1. The temperature will drop to and remain at exactly -30°C, and a wind of variable strength and direction will begin to blow. Roughly fifteen minutes after this point, all external communication techniques, global positioning systems, and even compasses will begin to fail. Little is known of what occurs after this point, as no remote exploration devices or personnel have yet returned after having entered SCP-XXXX. (See Addendum XXXX.1).

Addendum XXXX.1:
On 11/10/2022, during a routine containment fence checkup, an elderly woman was seen exiting SCP-XXXX, followed shortly after by an elderly man. The two ran towards each other and embraced and kissed each other while crying and speaking in Russian. Before they could be detained for questioning, the two fell to the ground and became unresponsive, and were declared dead shortly after. An autopsy later revealed their causes of death to have been old age. At the time of his death, the male was carrying a small journal appearing to detail his experience within SCP-XXXX; nothing of note was found with the woman. A transcript of its contents is available below, translated from its original Russian.
The moon was abnormally bright that evening, even though the sun hadn’t set yet
He finds a shrine eventually that helps him get out
He can feel his lover is still alive somewhere in the forest
He calls his lover’s name out into the dark hoping for a response

He wakes up after his first sleep within the SCP and is still confused
He continues to look for his lover and huddles on a mountainside at one point
He can sense that time is off here and notices that he hasn’t felt hungry in days
He cries his eyes out missing her

The night she ran into the forest was very dark
He can sometimes see a strange light floating through the sky (aliens?)
He never meets another person in the pines, just wood and snow
Nothing here can die but he can tell he can go mad if he’s not careful

He occasionally finds footprints he believes belong to his lover
He knows he must be patient
He knows that he can’t spend forever here, and he’ll find his lover eventually
He realizes at some point that the world is probably flying by outside, people he knew are dead

He begins to go mad with desperation, and nearly kills himself trying to get to a vantage point to find her
He holds onto the hope that a world still exists beyond the frozen pines.

Escapes and finds her in the end, then dies.

1. I’ve got to be losing my mind
a. Wtf is this place
b. She’s here somewhere
c. [NAME]!!!

2. Wakes up huddled against a mountain
a. Time is wrong here
b. I’m not hungry, nothing can die, but I can have fires
c. Cries a lot

3. Lights in the sky
a. Aliens?
b. There’s just no one here
c. Silhouettes of something on the hills
d. Or am I going crazy?

4. Finding Footprints
a. Must be patient!
b. I’ll find her eventually
c. Realizes the outside world is probably long gone

5. Starts going crazy with desperation
a. Tries to light a fire on a tall mountain to attract her to his location
b. There’s got to be a world beyond the frozen pines

6. Encounters the shrine from earlier
a. It’s active
b. He glimpses the outside world
c. She’s there
d. Time catches up, they die

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