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Item#: XXXX
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SCP-XXXX-3's current location during an output event.

Special Containment Procedures: The central northwestern region of the United State is to be continually monitored for activity indicating the presence of SCP-XXXX-1; should such activity be detected, members of MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") is to be dispatched to SCP-XXXX-1's estimated location to engage and capture it if possible. SCP-XXXX-3's current location is to be monitored at all times. Abnormalities in SCP-XXXX-3's behavior are to be recorded and reported to Dr. Caballero immediately. Removal of SCP-XXXX-3 is not to be attempted. While of negligible priority, the remains of SCP-XXXX-7 are to be located and moved to Site-17 for secure storage if they should be found.


SCP-XXXX-1, historically known as Harry Yount.

Description: SCP-XXXX collectively denotes seven anomalous humanoids (designated SCP-XXXX-1 through -7) that appeared around and were primarily active throughout a period spanning from approximately 1872 to 1880 within the areas now known as Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. SCP-XXXX appears to have engaged in a form of guerrilla warfare against American settlers and government officials attempting to settle in their area of activity at the time in an apparent attempt to keep encroachers out of the area.

Due to SCP-XXXX's activity having occurred prior to the establishment of the Foundation proper, it did not come to the Foundation's attention until (date) following the capture of SCP-XXXX-4, although other members of SCP-XXXX had been encountered at least one time before. As such, a vast majority of information regarding SCP-XXXX is speculative and based off of eye-witness statements, with solid evidence of the group's activity remaining extremely scarce.

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