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Item #: SCP-XXXX


The tunnel leading to the chamber containing SCP-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained at the location of its discovery. Access to its chamber is restricted to personnel possessing at least Level 3 Security Clearance or otherwise appropriate authorization.

The progress of SCP-XXXX's reconstruction is to be continually tracked; any deviations in its usual progression are to be noted to Dr. Jaskes or Researcher Griffin immediately

Description: SCP-XXXX denotes an entity located in a large underground chamber connected to a catacomb system beneath Jerusalem, Palestine.1 The entity is composed of five concentric rings composed of an unidentified metallic substance, and externally covered in hundreds of sets of eyes of varying size, iris color, and pupil structure; the largest of these rings being roughly seven meters in diameter. The rings are oriented around a central core of sorts, appearing similarly ocular in appearance, though composed of a glowing, red crystalline material instead.

In addition to its unnatural composition and assumedly extradimensional origins (See Addendum XXXX.1), SCP-XXXX is completely immune to physical damage, having perfectly withstood all attempts to inflict damage to it to date. Despite this immunity, SCP-XXXX has at some prior point sustained significant damage by unknown means, visible in that segments of several of its rings have been cleaved or broken off, with approximately 30% of its mass being absent when initially documented.

SCP-XXXX exhibits full sentience and has displayed the ability to understand all forms of verbal communication attempted; the subject is able to respond in kind as well, though seems to prefer Aramaic or Old Hebrew. SCP-XXXX communicates through the emanation of a deep, masculine voice from its core, though the exact mechanism by which these sounds are produced is not understood. Outside of direct conversations, SCP-XXXX does not speak, though the constant sound of a highly distorted voice can be heard emanating from the core, audible as a low hum.2

Currently, SCP-XXXX appears to be rebuilding itself through unknown means, very slowly accruing additional mass in the place of its missing segments. While the rate of reconstruction has varied drastically over the course of its documentation, SCP-XXXX is able to regenerate roughly 0.5% of its missing mass annually. No means of slowing down or halting this reconstruction has been discovered.

Projections estimate SCP-XXXX will finish its regenerative process by late November of 2023. It is anticipated that once this occurs SCP-XXXX's anomalous capacities will likely be expanded, and it will attempt to escape its containment. Preventative measures to counter this are still being drafted, though due to the unknown nature of SCP-XXXX's potential abilities there is still much deliberation on what measures will be enacted.

Discovery: The first official documentation of SCP-XXXX was recorded by members of the Horizon Initiative in 1963 when they relinquished control of the subject from a local cult that had been occupying the catacomb system at the time. It is unknown when members of the cult discovered SCP-XXXX, though they voluntarily relinquished possession of it to the Initiative once discovered.

Due to faction complications and an internal financial crisis, representatives of the Initiative contacted the Foundation in 1981 inquiring about transferring containment responsibilities to the Foundation. After a meeting between the two parties, an agreement was quickly reached and the Foundation took over management of SCP-XXXX and its associated assets.

Addendum XXXX.1:

Addendum XXXX.2: On November 26th, 2023, at 5:02 AM local time, SCP-XXXX completed its reconstruction process, having restored all of its missing mass. Moments after its completion was detected by monitoring equipment, as well as several present personnel, SCP-XXXX darkened and fell silent for several minutes before reactivating and slowly rising into the air, its rings began rotating and spinning around the core.

The core then rotated to face its "eye" on the present Researcher Griffin, and spoke in Aramaic:

You are strong of heart, son of Richard
Your faith like iron, forged in the fires of sin
Raise thy blade, and prepare
He comes

SCP-XXXX then began glowing with increasing intensity before demanifesting. At this point, an anomalous electromagnetic signal was released from SCP-XXXX's location and broadcast onto every electronic device within a one kilometer radius capable of processing and displaying audio or visual content, forcefully displaying a message on their screens. The message read as follows:

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