If you give a slug a gummy
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is to be contained in an 18 cm high by 25 cm wide terrarium with standard substrate and furnishings for the average garden slug.

SCP-X is to be fed a strict diet of foods, confectionaries, and candies specifically shaped to mimic organisms in the mollusk and annelid phylum, along with food shaped to mimic organisms in the plantae kingdom. Approximately fifteen minutes after SCP-X is first served its meal, SCP-X is to return newly formed SCP-X-1 instances back to their original forms, which it is then to consume. Should SCP-X break its streak of good behavior, all food mimicking living organisms is not to be served to SCP-X.

Should any instances of SCP-X-1 remain in their altered forms for any reason, they are to be taken by staff and housed separately from SCP-X. Additional material that may manifest with an instance of SCP-X is to be collected and stored.

Description: SCP-X is an average sized leopard slug1that has demonstrated the ability to transform any food in the shape of a mollusc or annelid, or the kingdom plantae into their living counterparts (designated SCP-X-1). While SCP-X cannot speak, it has shown sentience and intelligence that matches that of the average seven-year-old human.

SCP-X is believed to have to ability to communicate with instances of SCP-X-1 through speech of an unknown language. SCP-X can communicate with humans using the English language via slithering over a blank piece of paper where it’s reply will manifest.

Food will transform to SCP-X-1 instances within thirty seconds of being presented to SCP-X. Testing has shown instances remain from one minute to two hours before transforming back to their original forms. It is unknown at this time if SCP-X has control over the length of time SCP-X-1 instances remain, though research has found after fifteen minutes was suggested to SCP-X, this became the standard length of time food would remain SCP-X-1 instances. SCP-X-1 instances often have additional material manifest alongside them. These items range from typed out notes to accessories specific to the instance.

Food SCP-X-1 instance Reaction to SCP-X Additional manifested material Note
Four gummy worms SCP-X-1A: Four common earthworms of average size. Appeared to converse with SCP-X for ten minutes. Two of the four bounced around frequently, appearing to be excited. Reverted to their original forms after approximately fifteen minutes. Four miniature sized paper party hats, six miniature sized balloons following standard physics laws, and a note. We know it's not your birthday yet, but technically it's ours since you made us exist! It's Robbie writing this. Gail sad we should chill it on the part stuff, but Meagan agreed that we should go all out!
One snail-shaped birthday cake flavored chocolate bar SCP-X-1B: A common snail with sprinkles on its shell. Sat next to SCP-X for five minutes, then created a miniature paper banner before reverting to normal. A miniature banner reading 'Happy birthday!' SCP-X created a note in response reading 'it's your birthday, not mine. Am I a birthday slug?' See previous.
An octopus shaped chocolate chip cookie SCP-X-1C: A standard full-sized octopus. Lifted SCP-X up to its facial region using one of its tentacles. The two conversed for approximately thirty minutes before SCP-X-1 reverted to its original form. (See Addendum-1) A miniature sized gift box. When unwrapped, it was found to contain a miniature red scarf. I hope you like it, I made it myself.
Two gummy clams SCP-X-1D: Small sized average clams. Mostly stayed in one place. Conversed with SCP-X via paper. (See addendum-1) An averaged sized tub of birthday cake flavored icecream. See addendum-1
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Addendum-1: SCP-X appeared to converse with all instances of SCP-X-1. With multiple of these instances, the conversation either happened over paper, or was able to be translated into english. The results are below.

Log X-1C

Instance: SCP-X-1C

SCP-X-1C: Hello Freddy! I see it's your birthday today.

SCP-X: Why does everyone keep saying that? It's not my birthday.

SCP-X-1C: Then why do we all come generated thinking it is?

SCP-X: That's not exactly something I can answer. My birthday is in June.

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