The Mississippi Queen
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An old picture of SCP-4565, circa 1915.

Item #: SCP-4565

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4565 is currently uncontained. Efforts are being made to locate SCP-4565 and contain it. Additionally, investigations into its connection of other anomalous Groups of Interest are ongoing.

Before Incident "Smoked Barbracue," SCP-4565 was contained in a standard humanoid housing cell within Site-551. Four "Temporal-Fridges" were placed on each corner of SCP-4565's cell, which prevented significant temporal manipulation. These Temporal-Fridges were checekd bi-monthly for damage and repaired when necessary.

Description: SCP-4565 is a female humanoid, approximately 145 years of age. Currently, SCP-4565 wears a pair of dark blue overalls over a plain white shirt. Several patches are seen on multiple parts of the shirt, as well as several small tears that have not been patched. SCP-4565 is also usually reported to wear a pair of light brown sandals.

SCP-4565 regularly changes its attire but this has been determined to be its favorite outfit. Additionally, SCP-4565 wears a crown created out of an unknown species of Vitis (grapevine), as well as a long, leather cape which is held up by a set of spiked shoulder pads over the entity's overalls.

It is currently theorized that SCP-4565 is capable of changing the events of the future up to a range of 10 seconds. To be more precise, SCP-4565 is capable of completely shortening its perception of time, giving it the illusion of time moving at a very slow pace.

During this time, SCP-4565 is given three choices. These choices detail the exact actions that can occur within the next 10 seconds, isolated to a displaying events within a small area around SCP-4565. These choices are entirely random, and do not necessarily have to purely benefit SCP-4565.

SCP-4565 is capable of choosing any of these options, and the events highlighted within that option will play out with 100% accuracy. SCP-4565 is not aware that it activated this effect during this time, but will gain memories of it approximately 15 seconds after activation. SCP-4565 is capable of using this power to selectively choose favorable events to gain an advantage in any situation it is in.

Information regarding SCP-4565's anomaly was obtained via a Temporal Detector (TD) which detected large amounts of selective temporal manipulation in situations where SCP-4565 can be seen as "unusually lucky," as well as from information gained from SCP-4565 itself. The certainty of SCP-4565's exact anomaly is currently unknown.

SCP-4565 claims that it used to be capable of choosing between 10 different options when it was younger, but there is no evidence to support these claims.

SCP-4565 refers to itself as "The Mississippi Queen" and responds to female pronouns. It is highly likely that SCP-4565 is the founder of GoI-532 ("Hickorybreeders") as well as the creator of the ideology for the Group of Interest: The Eternal Mississippi.

Addendum-1: On 14/5/2011, SCP-4565 was arrested by Jackson City police in Mississippi for attempted assault against two civilians. Shortly after being imprisoned, the subject utilized its anomalous effect to prepare a jailbreak by learning the patrols of the prison guards, as well as utilizing a rose that was kept in the prison warden's pocket.

This caused several other prisoners to be released, all whom were shortly reimprisoned. The Foundation was alerted to this event, SCP-4565 was brought to Site-551, and amnestics were administered to witnesses of the event. The following is an interview of the entity shortly after capture.

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