Impregnating Ultrasound


Five year old Lisa Goldsman hid under her bed in the darkness of her room as a cacophony of shattered glass, vicious screaming and crunching wood echoed through the walls.

She knew better than to cry and get mommy and daddy's attention, lest they turn some of that hate towards her as well. Tiny whimpering was all she could manage.

She managed to snag her mother's phone just as soon as it all began. She dialed the three-digit number she prayed that she'd never had to dial and clicked call. The tone droned three times before she got an answer; it was short, but each individual tone felt like an eternity.

"911, what's your emergency?" Asked a calm male voice.

"M-m-m—" Lisa found that she was having a difficult time maintaining that whimpering. She uttered a tiny squeak and covered her mouth.

"Are you alright?" Asked the operator.

"D-daddy and mommy a-are—"

A very heavy crash came from the other side of the door, much closer than Lisa would have liked. She bit her thumb in order to stay quiet. Crashing footsteps slowly moved away from her door, quieting the chaos just a smidgen.

"Please help me…"

"I'm sending officers your way, princess. Stay on the line with me, okay?"


The Vow

Adult Lisa worked at a daycare in Boca Raton, Florida. The sounds of screaming children and joyful laughter and cooing surrounded her and flooded her eardrums. Faint desires for the childhood she never had danced across her mind's eye. She grinned as a two year little boy chased after his playmate, a perfect little girl with the greenest of eyes.

Then she felt a precious pair of hands grab her pant leg, hands soft and unstained by this world. It was another little boy, his nose running with snot and his throat uttering tiny whimpers that mirrored something Lisa had buried deep within.

"I dun wanna go home, Lisa!" The little boy cried. "I dun wanna!" He raised his arms towards her in a request to be picked up.

"Oh, but why not?" Lisa knelt down and scooped the boy into her arms and held him tightly. His tiny presence and warmth felt good. Despite his need for comfort, Lisa, in turn, felt comforted.

"Mommy and daddy dun love each other anymore!" The boy flung his arms around Lisa's neck, buried his face in her hair and sobbed loudly and wildly, his tiny body shaking violently in her embrace.

A glacier formed in her gut, cut its way to her chest and threatened to melt and burst out of her eyes in the form of tears.

Lisa comforted the boy as best she could, sitting down, rocking him back and forth and patting his head. Before long, her shift was over and she was on her way home.

Lisa sat at her work table and thumbed through the photos of her childhood home. She saw the smiles on her parents' faces, the smile on younger self's face. Mother held a young Lisa in her arms and had her cheek rested lightly against her messy, tousled black hair. They were both smiling in the picture.

Lisa felt her eyes grow hot, her hand started shaking and she whimpered. Something crashed on the other side of her door and she jumped to her feet, fists raised and in a guarding stance.

A few moments passed and she realized it was just another auditory hallucination. She sighed, wiped a tear from her eye and realized she had crumpled the picture she was holding.

She un-crumpled it, took another good look at it again, then poured the contents of the box onto the table and started tearing them apart, picture after picture.

She wasn't sure why she even kept them in the first place.

The First Incident

Lisa Goldsman walked down the halls of JFK Medical Center, clipboard in hand. She saw a pregnant woman—an incredibly pregnant woman—wheeled past her and into an ultrasound room. Lisa smiled and nodded at her and ignored the twinge of jealousy she felt in her bosom. She tried to stop herself, but she turned around and longingly looked at the pregnant woman as Craig Dillard, her colleague, wheeled her into the room. She looked for just a moment longer then shook her head and walked away.

Then immediately froze in place when the pregnant woman screamed.

Lisa whipped around, bolted into the room and saw the woman sit up on her bed, hands covering her mouth, hyperventilating, and practically on the verge of tears.

She also conspicuously looked significantly less pregnant; her belly was quite the melon earlier, only to be reduced to a cutting board.

But with no chord-bound screaming bundle of joy attached to her.

And no Craig Dillard.

"A-are you alright?!" Lisa walked over to the woman and tried to calm her.

"H-he's…he…" The woman pointed to where Lisa's colleague stood just moments ago, unable to get the words out of her mouth. "He…"

In Vitro

It was after dark in the ultrasound room in the JFK Medical Center of South Florida. She got off the bed, picked the baby clothes off the ground and gently closed the door on her way out of that room. She leaned against the door, patted her belly and sighed deeply.

All was quiet in the hallway. As it should be. The only background noises that permeated the stunning silence were the snores of patients dotted around hither and thither.

She took a few moments to steel her nerves before she made her way to the surveillance room. Her feet padded lightly against the ice cold tile floor; she was even wearing those hideous little hospital socks just for good measure.

When she made it to the door, she squatted down and looked in through the glass pane. No security guard.

Another reason as to why this hospital got two star ratings.

She gingerly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open, closing it as quietly as she could once she was in. She allowed herself a little smirk as she took a seat in front of surveillance and rewound the footage of her earlier deed. She ended up rewinding a tad too far and instead found the footage where her colleague was giving a pregnant patient an ultrasound before he vanished in plain sight. The pregnant woman's belly had shrunk a little after that.

Then she fast-forwarded and saw the very same woman give birth to a shrunken-down mockery of the colleague that had disappeared. The doctors backed away from the sight of this abomination as it wildly scrambled forward, fell off the table and flailed on the ground.

Lisa laughed in giddiness when she saw this. She fastforwarded again and managed to stop at her earlier deed.

Her adoptive son, Grant, was right there with her.

Then he wasn't.

She patted her belly again before she deleted this footage as well as all footage that could be used to incriminate her on this deed. She then subsequently left the hospital for the night. She'd be back tomorrow for her shift as an obstetrician and nobody would know she was here in the first place.

She made sure to discard the used baby clothes on the way out.


The First Trimester

All was quiet in the early hours of the Goldsman household. Small beams of sunlight shone between her closed blinds and cast warm yellow lines upon the white walls of her room.

Lisa awakened to this magnificent sight before her. She blinked a few times, yawned and stretched in bed and checked her phone on her bedside table. Several minutes before alarm. Several minutes of lost sleep.

She groaned a little as she went to her alarm app and turned it off ahead of time. She threw the sheets off her, got out of bed and went over to Grant's room.

She opened the door without knocking and strode right in.

"James, hon', rise and shin—"

The two year old was nowhere to be seen. Her initial reaction was nausea and panic before she remembered last night. She sighed in relief, put her hand to chest and smiled.

Then sprinted to the toilet; the panic had left, but the nausea was there to stay.

For nine months, at most.


Lisa walked down the busy halls of JFK Medical center with a small knot in her chest; this knot slowly constricted and enlarged as she got closer to the ultrasound room from yesterday. She half-expected security to stop her and escort her to the footage room, but that worry proved unneeded.

She turned a corner and was greeted by a colleague.

"Oh, hiya." A handsome young lad in

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