Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained in Site-19's humanoid object wing.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a male humanoid, with a black square plane attached to its neck in place of a head. While SCP-XXXX demonstrates the ability to see and hear through unknown means, it is unable to speak, and does not require any form of sustenance.

Whenever an illustration of any kind is shown to SCP-XXXX, and the illustration depicts some kind of autonomous entity, SCP-XXXX's "head" will generate a small holographic projection. The projection depicts the entity illustrated, either in the setting it was illustrated in if applicable, or a random setting otherwise. The projection will then proceed to animate for a few minutes1. The character or characters depicted will perform in individual and distinct manners, albeit in ways uncorrelated to the illustrator's intention for the piece, or even to the actual content.

Testing Log: The SCP Foundation commissioned multiple art pieces from various sources, for the purposes of testing.

Art Piece Animation produced by SCP-XXXX
Squirrel brandishing a sword and shield, no background. Squirrel is in a large auditorium, with various other animals seated sparsely around the room. A mouse at the front of the auditorium silently directs a lecture, with various images and pages on filmography and animation appearing on a board behind him. The squirrel was taking notes on the lecture, using its shield to support a sheet of paper.
Catholic nun, situated in a steampunk-themed city. Animation begins with nun in the doorway of a large building. She turns around and hugs two other nuns before leaving. She enters another building, and the projection changes to show her in a small room, where she sets up a computer and begins typing.
Dir. C. Bold, in front of his blackboard. An unknown individual is sitting at a desk in a small office, with the blackboard behind him. Dir. Bold enters the room, and takes a seat in front of the desk. Dir. Bold and the individual speak briefly, before the individual begins shaking his head. Dir. Bold appears to shout at the individual, who shouts back. Eventually, Dir. Bold leaves the room.
SCP-173, in its containment cell.2 SCP-173 is seen in its containment cell, pacing the floor. It stops and walks across the room, to where a desk with a computer can be seen. SCP-173 uses the computer for a few minutes, before jumping up excitedly and running out of the containment cell.
Various World War II soldiers, fighting in a city. The soldiers behave like normal civilians, but one of them is seen entering a temple-like building. The projection changes to show the interior of the building, where the soldier encounters a humanoid statue. The soldier begins speaking to the statue, and shows it various illustrations and animations on its phone. The statue gestures for the soldier to wait, and runs to a side room. A few moments later, the statue returns with a bottle and gives it to the soldier. The soldier drinks and immediately falls to floor. It clutches its head, which is randomly changing shape and color.
Doctor Robotnik from the film Sonic the Hedgehog. Robotnik runs inside his vehicle and shuts the door behind him. Soldiers present in the scene begin breaking into the vehicle, and exit a few moments later, having handcuffed Robotnik.
Stone giant, in a wooded valley. The giant attempts to exit the valley multiple times, but fails. Eventually, it stops trying to escape and sits in a fetal position, apparently crying.
Humanoid entity with a mushroom for a head, no background. Entity sits on the ground for the duration of the animation, rarely moving.
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