The Outsider: A Conversation About Truths

"That will be all. This meeting is hereby adjourned. Thank you, Overseers."

Chairs could be heard swiveling as the Overseers began to rise from their seats. Four, began to walk off towards a wall, but no one bothered; he would be gone by the time anyone looked again. Three's computer screen bleeped off, as the rest walked out of the room, either alone, flanked by their Factotums or the Red Right Hand.

One was busy organising his notes at the table, when he noticed that nine had not risen from her seat.

"Something bothering you, Nine?" he asked, as he stowed the papers into his briefcase.

"Yes. Ever going to tell me why you denied my resignation request? Repeatedly?" Nine's vocie was hushed, as she leaned back in her chair, absent-mindedly staring at her notes.

"Well, not really. But since you asked, I simply don't want you to leave the Council." One's tone was constant, as if he was telling you about the news.

"For what? Your own massive ego?" Nine snapped back. "What the hell are you playing at?"

"Tell me, then, why do you want to resign? And don't give me a textbook answer. I read your letter, and work-related stress simply won't cut it."

Nine took a sip from a glass of water on the table; her eyes narrowed as she looked at One. " We have more than a few hundred skips that are potentially lethal to human life. We could destroy most of them with minimal effort and conserve our resources. i mean, come on, we have an inanimate statue that just shits and snaps necks locked up? What's stopping us from destroying it?"

"Retribution, for one. How do we know that something won't come back to haunt us because of what we did? I mean, look at the GOC, they took shots at everyone leaving the Library. Now they're forbidden from entering."

Nine sighed. "I'm not saying destroy every single SCP we have.But I'm pretty sure that

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