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Item #: SCP-5879

Special Containment Procedures: Any documentation noting widespread cases of SCP-5879 should be falsified to attribute it to non-anomalous psychiatric disorders. The containment team at Site-34 is to be provided a selection of 50 SCP-5879 instances for research and treatment.

Further containment procedures are undergoing consideration.

Description: SCP-5879 is a delusional misidentification syndrome variant present in three percent of the world population. Subjects who develop SCP-5879 do not believe that they are human, but rather a member of an unknown species that is capable of disguising itself as human. Subjects gravitate toward others with similar delusions (either online or in person) to discuss unfounded theories about their 'origins'. Subjects will deny any change to their mental state when confronted by anyone other than a confirmed instance, using anonymous chat accounts, arranging hidden meetups, and otherwise living ordinary lives outside of their occasional interactions.

Unlike other disorders of its type, SCP-5879 has not been found to be comorbid with other psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, PTSD or bipolar disorder. Similarly, Foundation specialists have not been able to find any memetic, cognitohazardous, or any other anomalous vector for SCP-5879 transmission.

Approximately 87 percent of studied instances have or previously experienced severe symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.1 Symptoms have not abated with Foundation treatment, with the majority of cases worsening after medication and/or surgery.

Object Class: SCP-5879 was originally assigned an object class of Euclid. One year after the original file was created, Doctor Reinette-Hartle proposed that SCP-5879 be reclassified as Keter, given that the anomaly:

  • Has no known transmission method, suggesting an artificial cause
  • Appears to encourage subjects to shun neurotypical humans in favor of other subjects
  • Has been growing at the same rate as the total global population

The rest of the containment team has disagreed with the proposal, and asked that Reinette-Hartle instead be removed from the team.


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