★☆☆☆☆, It destroyed my face, but the mascot is cute
Item #: SCP-XXXX

As of ██/██/██,

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX and all accounts under Apple.Inc supporting SCP-XXXX are to be blocked from public servers by Foundation Web-Crawler Delta-11 ("ANIMESUCKS"). This block is to be re-instated every fourteen days after it is forcefully removed by SCP-XXXX. Any device with SCP-XXXX installed are to be confiscated, cleared, and returned.

As of ██/██/██, searches for any physical location or persons having to do with SCP-XXXX has been discontinued after conclusive research by the Foundation. (SEE ADDENDUM-XXXX:1)

Description: SCP-XXXX is an application for the Apple.Inc iOS Appstore titled 'Kawaru-Kawaru! Animeify YOURSELF TRANSFORMATION'. SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects appear once the app is opened and used. After pressing 'start, the mascot from the application icon and opening screen will introduce itself as 'Kawaru-Kawaru-Itsuwaru' (Later classified as SCP-XXXX-1), then begin to explain each feature and how to use it. First the user is instructed how to upload an image of themselves. Once they do this, the features will be available to use. The features it lists include 'enlarge eyes', 'enlarge eyes even more', 'shrink nose', 'shrink nose even more', 'enlarge mouth', 'shrink mouth', 'shrink mouth even more', 'reduce neck width', 'enlarge head', and 'enlarge head even more'. When a user chooses a feature to change their image, the same effect will happen to the picture's real life counterpart. All users of SCP-XXXX to date have died due to complications of the deformities caused by SCP-XXXX.

The Foundation became aware of SCP-XXXX when news and media coverage of SCP-XXXX and the string of deaths attached surfaced. All who had become aware of SCP-XXXX were administered amnestics.

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