It Sounds Weird In My Mouth
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Item#: 5133
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: In the event of a confirmed containment breach, SCP-5133 is to be written down on a sheet of blank paper and stored in an empty containment chamber, with no light or other visual aids present. Knowledge of SCP-5133 has been restricted and dissembled among a number of researchers known only to the Director of the Department of Miscommunications.

If SCP-5133 is to be transferred, the Director will be informed. The Director will then send a mass alert to the researchers, prompting them to go to an empty containment chamber that has been prepared ahead of time. Each researcher only knows one character of SCP-5133, and its place in the structure (first, second, third, last, etc.).

The researchers will then enter the chamber at their assigned time and, using the place marker that has been designated for their spot, write down their fragment of SCP-5133 and leave, spending no more than one minute within. Desk dividers have been placed to ensure no further knowledge of SCP-5133 is gained.

After one hour has passed, one illiterate D-Class will enter equipped with a flashlight and be asked to respond yes or no if they see an object within the chamber. If they answer in the positive, SCP-5133 will be considered contained. Should SCP-5133 be suspected of breaching containment, the D-Class will be asked to confirm if an object is still within the chamber. If the answer is negative, Containment Procedures should be enacted.

Description: SCP-5133 is a corporealized word written in what is assumed to be the Latin alphabet (due to it affecting speakers of languages of derivative alphabets), measuring approximately 11 cm in length and weighing 106.5 kg. SCP-5133 is shaped like itself.

Due to SCP-5133's status as the only example of itself, knowledge and subsequent commitment to memory of SCP-51331 results in its disappearance from its current position and its manifestation within the Broca's area of the subject2, resulting in instant death and heavy internal disfigurement to the subject.

Attempts to store SCP-5133 in digital form have resulted in it manifesting within the hard drives of the computer in question. Further experimentation on this property has not been authorized, due to the potential to cause widespread catastrophic damage to the Foundation database.

Addendum 5133.1: Discovery

SCP-5133 was discovered in 2006 by Myosotis.aic, an artificial intelligence conscript working in the Internal Security Division since 1983, which had been assigned the task of the random generation of ciphertext for the purpose of encryption. Myosotis was assumed to have accidentally generated SCP-5133 on 03/11, which manifested within its hard drive and destroyed it.3 SCP-5133 proceeded to kill six additional IS personnel before infohazardous protocols were implemented and MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil") was deployed, moving SCP-5133 to an empty containment chamber.

Researchers, correctly theorizing that Myosotis had accidentally generated an infohazardous line of text, set up three closed-connection terminals, running off the same programming as Myosotis. Each procedural generation would be time stamped and downloaded to another terminal, with each phrase being divided into separate document files containing one singular character of it.4

3 years later, SCP-5133 was generated again, causing a computer to be destroyed. SCP-5133 was moved back to its chamber, while D-Class were assigned the task of assembling the phrases generated at time of containment.

Once SCP-5133 had been generated for a third time, each individual character was sent to a random researcher with its place number and a short passage explaining its importance, and a list of all researchers contacted was sent to the Director.

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