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SCP-XXXX's Title Card

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Section I

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXXX are to be recovered. Copies of SCP-XXXX are to be stored at Area-179's Secure Media Archive. Viewing of SCP-XXXX outside of approved testing is prohibited.

Foundation Webcrawler Theta-16 ("Shot4Shot") is to monitor film and animation discussion boards on the internet for mentions of SCP-XXXX. Embedded Foundation Agents are to discredit the film's existence as an urban legend.

Under the auspices of art collectors and hobbyists, Foundation agents are to examine private collections of artists who primarily work with stop-motion animation, or who were actively making stop-motion films in the 1970s for copies of SCP-XXXX. Instances are to be purchased or otherwise obtained.

Description: SCP-XXXX is From The Codex Gigas, a stop motion animated film. SCP-XXXX does not feature opening or closing credits, and no records of its alleged director, Alan Spahr, have been found to exist. The film was presumably released in the early 1970s, but information regarding the film's production is minimal. The scale of SCP-XXXX's sets, animation quality, and amount of puppets seen indicate a far larger budget than any other stop motion project created at the time.

Film reels containing SCP-XXXX are blank, and attempts to transfer the film to another medium have resulted in damage to both the original print and the mode of transfer.

Subjects who view SCP-XXXX are prone to visceral reactions such as vomiting or nausea that increase in intensity as the film progresses. Recurring hallucinations and dreams, often related to the character of the Stalker, have also been documented.

SCP-XXXX was circulated among animation hobbyists in the 1970s. An urban legend purported that SCP-XXXX was seen as a test of endurance, and that no viewer had sat through the entirety of the film due to its disturbing content. An estimate of seven film reels were produced, with three presently in the Foundation's possession.

Addendum.XXXX.1: SCP-XXXX Synopsis and Testing Log

From the Codex Gigas is an anthology film, separated into seven segments. Each segment, sans the seventh, begins as retelling of a traditional fairy tale before heavily deviating from the original story. There is little dialogue present, with the majority of the film's audio being ambient noise and loud vocalizations. Significance grain and damage is present and uniform on all copies of SCP-XXXX, indicating that it is a stylistic choice.

test intro

An adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk. A title card appears:


The segment begins with a young boy, assumed to be Jack, wandering through a marketplace at night. He purchases a bag from a salesman, which is shown to contain beans. Jack expresses frustration at this, and throws the beans aside. The next morning, a massive beanstalk has grown in the area where the beans were thrown. Jack immediately becomes distressed, and attempts to run away. He continuously finds his way back to the beanstalk, despite running in opposite directions. Crying, Jack forces himself up the beanstalk. As he ascends, the sky darkens. After 10 minutes of climbing interspersed with distressed vocalizations, Jack throws himself off of the plant, and falls to the ground. The film then cuts to a disfigured Jack reaching the top of the beanstalk, where an empty, cloud-like landscape awaits him. Two glowing lights can be seen in the distance. Jack attempts to descend, but finds himself unable to. Defeated, Jack lays on the clouds.

Jack, with his clothes torn and tattered, is then seen happily descending the beanstalk. He waves at the camera, smiling. A large, open wound is briefly seen on his back.


An adaptation of Rapunzel. A title card appears:


A knight rides through a forest. He hears a woman's voice crying, and follows the noise to a tower. The knight attempts to scale the tower to no avail. He then extends his legs to the height of the tower's window, and peers inside. A young woman, who appears more marionette-like than other characters in the film, stands stationary. The knight extends his hands, similar to his legs, and grabs her from the tower. As he leaves, a witch notices him leaving the tower with the young woman. The witch begs the knight put the woman back into the tower. Noises and groans are heard coming from the base of the tower. Distressed, the knight places the woman back into her room, and the noise stops. The witch then casts a spell on the knight. Brief flashes of the knight puppet being crushed by a vice are seen. The knight returns to normal height, now with only empty sockets for eyes. The film goes black. A collage of distressed vocalizations and noises are heard over the next five minutes and 47 seconds. Two glowing lights can be faintly seen in the darkness.


An adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood. A title card is seen:

III: x

A young girl walks through a dark forest, carrying a basket. An obscured entity with illuminated, glassy eyes can be seen watching her from a distance. As she approaches a crossroads, a large, skeletal wolf - who appears to be a puppet made of bone - appears before her. The girl appears distressed, but then opens her basket, showing it to the wolf. Frightened, the wolf runs away. She then finds a small cottage. The girl enters. In the darkness, a figure is seen laying in a bed, weeping. As the girl approaches, the figure is revealed to be a decaying corpse. Unfazed, the girl opens her basket, and the corpse disappears. A loud noise is heard, and the entity that had previously stalked the girl in the forest enters the home. The girl reaches for her basket, but it's not there. The girl attempts to run, and manages to crawl in a large hole in the center of the bed.



rewrite all this garbage, ditch the fairy tale aspect in favor of completely original stories. this all BLOOOOOWS lol

d-class watch log. synopsis of 7 anthology segments that start out as innocent horror and then get weird. interspace with side-effects. last segment is just timelapse of a ball of clay melting onto a table in a empty blue background. d-class disappears irl a day later.
themeing id use here would be like, being trapped in your own body is the main sense im getting
that and the clay melting wordlessly
melting bodies, mouth glued shut, manipulated in painful ways by something higher, time spent still and waiting and shrinking under the gaze of something that wants you to perform every movement to a perfect t
and after the performance is over, maybe youll be preserved
or maybe youll be crushed down and melted and reused
i think what you could do here is dance around "it makes you experience being a stop motion puppet" but never come out and say that and just like, viscerally explore different themes that could involve
sitting motionless hyperventilating saying it's been so long it's been so long it smells like burning plastic it's in my throat and i'm staring at the sun
really play on that familiarity people have with fairytales, and subverting it to be unnatural and uncanny
i keep coming back to "artificial and plastic", staged
the omnipresent but never seen creator, who quite literally controls every facet of life
who gave you the gift of motion and life and can remove it at any moment

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