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Footage taken from the interior of SCP-5120-A

Item #: SCP-5120

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The song "Sorry For Party Rocking" by LMFAO is to be barred from playback at funeral services, hospitals, and crematoriums.

Reports of grave robberies and otherwise missing corpses are to be investigated. Foundation personnel embedded within law enforcement are authorized to curtail existing investigations relating to confirmed SCP-5120 cases through the procurement of contrived evidence. Cadavers are to be replaced using expired SCP-5902-A instances.

The entrance to SCP-5120-A has been sealed and fitted with localized sound disruption technology.

Description: SCP-5120 is an anomalous event spurred by playback of "Sorry For Party Rocking" by music duo LMFAO within a 3 meter presence of a human cadaver. Regardless of the corpse's stage of decomposition, the cadaver will become animate within 30 seconds of playback, becoming an SCP-5120-1 instance. The body will then proceed to move in a manner characteristic of dance, dependent on the corpse's ability to maneuver itself. This action will continue for 2 minutes and 59 seconds, even if playback is stopped or interrupted. Upon completion, the SCP-5120-1 instance will disappear. It is hypothesized that SCP-5120-1 instances do not retain sentience.

SCP-5120-A is an extradimensional space accessible through a tunnel system1 within the Catacombs of Paris. The opening leading to SCP-5120-A is blocked with a metal entrance post. A sign near the entrance displays the following text:

Party Rock Never Dies!
As Always:
Sorry For Party Rocking!

The interior of SCP-5120-A is a massive, spacious cavern — outfitted with lights, a dance floor, musical equipment, and a stage. This space is continuously populated with SCP-5120-1 instances, who appear in this location following the initial SCP-5120 event. An entity resembling PoI-49302 acts as a disc jockey and maintains a continuous musical performance consisting of three of LMFAO's most known songs: "Party Rock Anthem", "Sorry For Party Rocking", and "Sexy And I Know It" respectively. SCP-5120-1 instances will continue moving until they are physically unable to as a result of decay. Attempts to reach PoI-4390 or move through the mass of corpses will be met with hostility from the SCP-5120-1 instances. Presently, SCP-5120-A contains approximately 11,000 SCP-5120-1 instances.

SCP-5120 and SCP-5120-A were discovered after a series of grave robberies in Paris, France occurring from 2016/5/28 to 2017/2/03. These acts were suspected to be carried out by an individual matching PoI-4930's profile, but no conclusive evidence could be gathered. Notably, these events occurred weeks after the disappearance of PoI-49293.

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