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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 are contained in their designated containment chamber at Site-01. This containment chamber must be kept structurally sound at all times. No entryways are to be added to the containment chamber, nor are any extant ones to be opened. No items, objects, and/or personnel are to be introduced into SCP-001’s containment chamber.

Under no circumstances are any items, objects, and/or personnel introduced to SCP-001’s containment chamber to be retrieved.

Failure to follow these containment procedures will result in total and permanent containment failure of SCP-001.

Description: SCP-001 is the animate, deceased cadavers of a human.

All SCP-001 instances are visibly undergoing advanced putrefaction; however, no loss of mass has been noted for any of the SCP-001 instances, nor has shed mass built up within the containment chamber.

Despite lacking signs of biological life, SCP-001 instances roam within their containment chamber in a manner that mimics what would be expected of a standard, living human. SCP-001 instances duplicate erratically, typically when performing or miming tasks that would experience multiple outcomes; in such cases, a new SCP-001 instance will be generated for each outcome. SCP-001 instances will also merge together when performing the same task; this has led to a gradual decline in the SCP-001 population.

SCP-001 instances are capable of interacting with their environment in a manner consistent with any state it was, is, or (theoretically) will be; for example, SCP-001 are capable of passing through a doorway if it was unblocked at any past point (or, potentially, will be unblocked), regardless of whether or not it currently is. This property enables SCP-001 to freely pass through any solid matter that the SCP-001 anomaly either predates or outlasts. This is believed to be the reason SCP-001 instances are capable of moving without impeding each other, and potentially how they merge together.

SCP-001 was assassinated by an unidentified military group shortly prior to the formation of the Foundation, and has remained in containment ever since.

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