Tindalos 1


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Item #: SCP-001

Description: SCP-001 is a human who exhibits varying temporal properties.

SCP-001 will only respond (positively) to Foundation personnel if referred to as ‘the Founder [of the Foundation].’1 If referred to by its SCP designation, SCP-001 will become irritated and will refuse to speak to the offending personnel indefinitely; to date, SCP-001 has never forgotten an infringement.

SCP-001 is immortal, and does not age. Although SCP-001 can be physically damaged and will heal at an appropriate rate for a mundane human, its longevity enables it to recover from more severe injuries if given sufficient time to do so.

SCP-001 can predict future events; all details described by SCP-001 are accurate. It is currently unclear where SCP-001 is causing these events to occur or simply observing them, however as in all cases SCP-001 has exclusively reported events once their occurrence has become inevitable, the latter is presumed to be the case.

SCP-001 supports the containment and analysis of anomalous phenomena, but insists that it itself must be released from containment, or at minimum allowed to construct a device; SCP-001 has yet to provide any clear details regarding the hypothetical device’s purpose and function, and explicitly refuses to allow anyone other than itself to construct the device.

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