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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All encounters with SCP-XXXX instances are to be reported to the O5 Council immediately. Instances of SCP-XXXX are to be treated as potentially hostile and detained upon encounter. No communication with SCP-XXXX instances is to occur without the presence of one or more O5 Council members.

All information that may potentially cause a temporal bootstrap paradox is to be restricted to O5 Council members only. Redacted information is not required to be noted on the redacted documents.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the collective designation for a group of individuals self-identified as Mobile Task Force Ora-0. Members of this group claim to be a task force of the Foundation specializing in counter-paradoxical operations that are frequently deployed by the Overseer Council to prevent or induce the creation of temporal paradoxes; the accuracy of these claims is unknown and cannot be verified by other sources, but is disputable due to their refusal to follow commands issued by the current Overseer Council. Members of SCP-XXXX confirm that the designation they identify as (Ora-0) is not their actual designation and is just an alias they utilise in order to prevent the concept of the task force from becoming a temporal paradox.

To date, a total of 173 different members have been encountered (Designated SCP-XXXX-1 to -173). Members of SCP-XXXX are always encountered in groups of five, with no two groups ever being encountered at the same time. Individual members of SCP-XXXX have extensive cybernetic modifications and exhibit extreme anomalous capabilities which they actively utilise. All members of SCP-XXXX are affected by a minor antimemetic anomaly that prevents a confirmation of their identity beyond their SCP-XXXX designation. Members of SCP-XXXX periodically utilise additional anomalous items to reinforce their own and have on several occasions been seen utilising duplicates of items currently under Foundation containment – all such items have been accounted for during the entirety of their use by SCP-XXXX members.

SCP-XXXX members have access to an account registering as “Administrator Fritz” that has a unique security clearance registering as Level Omni that is assumed to have been implemented by SCP-XXXX members during the early stages of the Foundation’s conversion to digitally storing data and information – no records of this clearance level or account being considered, developed or implemented have been found. Level Omni is utilized solely by the Administrator account and is treated as being universally above all other security clearances, thus granting members of SCP-XXXX unrestricted access to all Foundation files and locations.

All attempts to obtain significant information from SCP-XXXX members have been uniformly denied, with members stating that any information divulged by them would result in temporal paradoxes. Several interviews with SCP-XXXX instances show signs of tampering by use of an unknown antimemetic anomaly or blatant deletion by use of the Administrator account; these are assumed to be countermeasures utilized in the event of information being accidentally leaked.

SCP-XXXX was first encountered shortly prior to the official founding of the modern Foundation where they were crucial in preventing the assassination of the Founder, an act which at the time would have prevented the Foundation from being conceived.

Addendum 1: Interview Logs.

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX-043

Interviewer: Researcher Tetsuko

Foreword: Interview was conducted following an attack on Site-43 by hostile forces, during which five SCP-XXXX instances manifested and assisted in their repulsion from the site. SCP-XXXX-043 was designated as the leader by all SCP-XXXX instances present.

< Begin Log, 19:43 24/02/1985 >

Researcher Tetsuko: You are the leader of SCP-XXXX?

SCP-XXXX-043: You mean Ora Zero? I’m the current leader, at least. Don’t mention any others to me, we don’t want to cause a paradox without purpose.

Researcher Tetsuko: Very well. Could you inform us of the purpose of SCP-XXXX?

SCP-XXXX-043: Mobile Task Force Ora-Zero is a task force of the Foundation that is deployed for the purpose of chronological alterations, primarily in the form of counter-paradox operations.

Researcher Tetsuko: MTF Ora-Zero isn’t a Foundation task force I’ve heard of. Is there any way of verifying your claims as truthful?

SCP-XXXX-043: Without causing problems? Probably not. It should be fairly obvious that I’m saying the truth though.

Researcher Tetsuko: There’s enough to suggest otherwise. You report directly to the Overseer Council, correct?

SCP-XXXX-043: Yes, we do.

Researcher Tetsuko: And yet not only do they deny being involved with you in any manner, but you and members of your supposed task force refuse to actually speak to them.

SCP-XXXX-043: Oh don’t be so daft, there’s obviously lots of things the council is lying about. Though, I suppose I could let you in on-

< End Log >

Closing Statement: The remainder of the recording consisted of five minutes of white noise, with all surveillance cameras within the room being switched to other cameras connected to the same network. SCP-XXXX-043 and Researcher Tetsuko were not observed to exit the room and were not within the room following the conclusion of this time period; neither have been encountered since.

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX-051

Interviewer: Researcher Wills

< Begin Log, 11:03 07/04/2001 >

Researcher Wills: I have some questions that you are to answer truthfully and quickly. Do you understand?

SCP-XXXX-051: As long as you don’t mention any other interviews, sure.

Researcher Wills: We’ll start there. Why do you request that we don’t speak about any other interviews?

SCP-XXXX-051: Same reason we can’t tell you much - paradoxes. We aren’t deployed in chronological order; we’re just sent to whenever were needed, so you could spoil information back to us. Feedback, if you wish.

Researcher Wills: Wouldn’t your very presence be a paradox? Assuming that your statements are true, it would be blatantly obvious that you’re all from the future.

SCP-XXXX-051: But you can’t be sure, can you?

Researcher Wills: That seems highly unlikely.

The recording cuts to white noise for seven seconds before resuming. Video surveillance cuts to static during this time.

SCP-XXXX-051: Think what you wish. Anything further?

Researcher Wills: We are aware of your groups repeated use of the Administrator account and its clearance level, however there are no records of either being proposed, developed nor installed. Could you tell me how you are even aware of it?

SCP-XXXX-051: Can’t sorry. Your clearance level isn’t high enough.

Researcher Wills: … What level clearance is required?

SCP-XXXX-051 is observed to grin.

SCP-XXXX-051: Level Omni. Now, if-

< End Log >

Closing Statement: Consistent with the previous demanifestations of SCP-XXXX instances, all auditory and visual recording devices present within the room switched to white noise and static respectively for a period of ten seconds, after which SCP-XXXX-051 was absent from the room. Researcher Wills remained unresponsive to all external stimuli until administered a Class-A Amnestic. Researcher Wills is unable to recall the entirety of this interview.

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