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Item #: SCP-XXXX-D

Object Class: Decommissioned (Formerly Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: Redundant.

Description: SCP-XXXX-D was a causal loop resulting in the constant recreation of three parallel timelines from eachother. Each timeline initiated at the conclusion of a series of events occurring immediately prior to, during, and immediately following the founding of the modern Foundation, and resulted in the formation of Mobile Task Force Gamma-1 who were tasked with altering the outcome of these events. The alterations conducted inevitably resulted in the creation of the succeeding timeline, ensuring the continuation of the causal loop. Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX it is unknown what events, if any, caused the creation of the anomaly. It was theorized to involve an interaction between MTF Gamma-1 and the Founder of the modern Foundation.

Due to the extensive measures used to protect the Foundation database from anomalous tampering, several partial documents originating from the SCP-XXXX-D affected timelines have been found within the current digital database (See: Documentation for SCP-XXXX-EX). These documents showed that the formation of MTF Gamma-1 in response to an unidentified group or entity, whose motivations and actions varied depending on the timeline, directly resulted in the continuation of the SCP-XXXX-D causal loop. For this reason MTF Gamma-1 has been preemptively barred from being formed, to help ensure that the SCP-XXXX-D causal loop does not become active again.

Recovered files also mention the use of a Foundation account under the name of Administrator Fritz by these unidentified group or entity - this account, as well as it's unique Level Omni clearance, has been deleted to further prevent the re-emergence of the SCP-XXXX-D phenomenon.

SCP-XXXX-D was successfully decommissioned by initiating an interaction between three anomalies, as detailed on a document that was supposedly from the timeline prior to the formation of SCP-XXXX-D. This original document has since been lost. Though the decomissioning of the causal loop was successful, the resultant singular timeline has proven to be non-viable for continued operation of the Foundation as the required expenditure to contain the 3382 recorded active anomalies is three times larger than the funds the Foundation is capable of obtaining.

The resultant timeline produced from the decommissioning of SCP-XXXX-D is also prominently less stable than the timelines from prior, promoting an exponential increase in new anomalies encountered by the Foundation, as well as enabling the destruction of a formerly indestructible entity that was critical to the continued existence of this reality by the GOC. The latter has resulted in the initiation of a YK-Class Reality Decay scenario that is expected to result in the complete destruction of this timeline within a 200-year time frame.

Addendum: A proposal made by the late Senior Researcher ███ has been approved by the O5 Council and is pending execution. The interaction between the three anomalies responsible for the decommissioning of SCP-XXXX-D will be conducted at the earliest point in time possible, prior to human civilization - this would theoretically enable humans to evolve in this altered reality, and would prevent the initiation of the YK-Class scenario.

This proposal is pending execution.

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