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Item #: SCP-001-D

Object Class: Decommissioned.

Special Containment Procedures: None.

Description: SCP-001-D was allegedly a causal loop of some description that resulted in three distinct timelines, branching from the time at which the Foundation was established. SCP-001-D was decommissioned through a joint effort between the Overseer Councils of each timeline.

SCP-001-D was discovered by the current timeline’s Foundation when several heavily corrupted files began manifesting throughout the main database. Although only a small amount of information could be recovered from these files, enough was present to suggest they were accurate.

Information recovered from the files suggests, however, that the decommissioning of SCP-001-D has resulted in a significantly less viable timeline.

Because the collective load was shared between three separate Foundations (as most anomalies reportedly didn’t exist across all three timelines), the merging of these timelines has resulted in an overwhelming quantity of anomalies that cannot feasibly be contained effectively by a single Foundation, as evidence by ongoing rampant containment failures and extensive underfunding. In addition, the coexistence of multiple conflicting anomalies has resulted in an overall destabilisation of reality, triggering a now-imminent ZK-Class Rat’s Nest Scenario.

SCP-001-D is marked for investigation as part of Project Lif. In the event Lifthrasir Protocol is enacted, a replica of the device used to decommission SCP-001-D, as detailed in surviving blueprints, will be retrofitted with components of SCP-14089 and activated in the hope the two will interact in a manner that produces a more viable timeline.

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