Penrose REGAL

Anomaly Designation: XXXX

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Anomaly 23499 is guarded at its location. This location is only to be
distributed to those whom have earned the trust of the High Councilmen
of His Majesty's Royal Uncustomary Inquisition into the
Unconventional, and have been granted authority rivalling their own.
Anomaly 23499 is a large underground location, constructed by forces
unknown. The location is made of materials unknown which resist
damage and tarnish from all forces, and is guarded by wicked magic
and daemons whose voices haunt the place. These daemons refuse to
yield and allow entry to anyone, screeching with unnatural sounds
and attacking with hellfire whenever they are confronted.
We know not who the daemons shall yield to.

Anomaly 23499 was found during His Majesty's Four-Thousand,
Eight-Hundred and Sixty-Seventh year. Miners seeking their fortune
found it whilst following a large vein of devil's iron. It is believed that
Anomaly 23499 is the entrance to Hell itself, and should be guarded
to prevent the disciples of Lucifer from escaping, but otherwise left
untouched by man.
His Majesty's Four-Thousand, Nine Hundred and Twelfth year:
The daemons guarding Anomaly 23499 have yielded to Jackin Bright,
whom was posted at the anomaly. The gateway to Hell has been opened.
Anomaly 23499 is henceforth of the Gilgul classification, and is to be
treated as such. Any man who returns from Hell and speaks of it as a
place of wonders is to be executed, unless blessed by
a priest appointed by Sir Caliburn Pryce.
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