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JACK IKE Proposal

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It is the consensus agreement of the Overseers (Alpha), Overseer Council (A) and High Command (1) that SCP-001 (Δ) is a causal loop focusing on the Founder of the Foundation at the time period the Foundation was established. As a result of SCP-001’s anomalous influence, there are three distinct timelines generated from this point in time.

The details of the timelines, as agreed upon by their respective Overseers, Overseer Council, or High Command, is as following.

It is the consensus agreement of the leading committees that SCP-001 was discovered through the unintentional preservation of the Foundation database across all three timelines. It is currently unclear how this data preservation is occurring, but is confirmed to be instantaneous relative to each timeline’s analogue of the creation date; a file created on January 1st, 2018 at 8:00 PM in Timeline 1 will simultaneously appear in the database present in Timeline A and Timeline Alpha on January 1st, 2018 at 8:00 PM.

Cooperation between the leading committees of each respective timeline has led to the conclusion that the majority of recorded anomalous phenomena present in the shared database only exist within one timeline; only 17 anomalies have been confirmed to exist across all three timelines.

Considering the presence of “Mobile Task Force Alp-0” in both Timeline A and Timeline Alpha, the consensus belief is that SCP-001 (Δ) is preserved through unclear future events that prompt the leading committees of the Foundations to dispatch this MTF, at a future date, with the intent of altering the circumstances of the Foundation’s conception, creating the next successive timeline. The order of timelines is unknown, but deemed irrelevant.

As evidenced by SCP-001’s (Alpha) inability to escape its containment chamber, it is agreed that MTF Alp-0 will be dispatched prior to the destruction of the containment chamber. It is believed that, as Timeline Alpha will be overwritten by either Timeline 1 or Timeline A as a result of this, this will result in the immediate cessation of Timeline Alpha, and the loss of all contents; further extrapolation based upon the fact that similar events occur at similar times across all three timelines strongly suggests Timeline A and Timeline 1 will also terminate at that time.

As a result, it is the unanimous agreement of the leading committees that SCP-001 (Δ) must be neutralised to prevent the cessation of one or all three timelines, and the resultant loss of the Foundation and humanity.

Questioning of SCP-001 (1) by the High Command has revealed that the device they intend to construct specifically executes this purpose. Cooperation between the High Command and the Overseer Council has confirmed that SCP-001-A (A) is similar to the device intended for construction by SCP-001 (1). Analysis of SCP-001-A (A) has failed to confirm how the device would be, or is, capable of neutralising SCP-001 (Δ), however SCP-001-1 (A) has similarly confirmed the device is capable of performing this task but has failed to provide further clarification.

Because of the various SCP-001’s (A, 1, Alpha) assumed (in the case of Timeline 1) desire to construct this device, and their otherwise apparent fundamental relation to SCP-001 (Δ), it is the consensus belief of the leading committees that the completion of this device across all three timelines will result in the neutralisation of SCP-001 (Δ), or at minimum enable more viable containment of SCP-001 (Alpha, 1) through minimisation or neutralisation of their anomalous properties.

As such, the leading committees of each timeline have agreed to complete the following:
The Overseer Council will provide schematics for SCP-001-A (A) to the High Command and the Overseers. No other actions are required, as their device is already complete.
The High Command will voluntarily release SCP-001 (1) from containment, providing them with the required resources to construct SCP-001-A.
The Overseers will receive the schematics of SCP-001-A (A) and construct it, activating it as soon as able.

The leading committees will cooperate to maximise the probability of this file, along with as much of the main Foundation database as possible, surviving into the ensuing timeline produced by SCP-001’s (Δ) neutralisation, for the explicit purpose of detailing SCP-001 (Δ) and its neutralised to ensure the anomaly does not reform

This document written and signed by unanimous agreement of the leading committees of the Foundation.

Overseer 1, Overseer 2, Overseer 3, Overseer 4, Overseer 5, Overseer 6, Overseer 7, Overseer 8, Overseer 9, Overseer 10, Overseer 11, Overseer 12.
High Command members One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve.
O5-1, O5-2, O5-3, O5-4, O5-5, O5-6, O5-7, O5-8, O5-9, O5-10, O5-11, O5-12, O5-13_


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