If at first you don't succeed, take drastic action.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Neutralized (Formerly Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-XXXX's powerful reality-bending abilities, it was deemed necessary to terminate it. See addenda.

Archived Description: SCP-XXXX refers to an extremely powerful reality-bending entity inhabiting a small island off the coast of Africa. The entity appears to be a woman in her mid-30s, and has been observed to be capable of spacial distortion, local time manipulation, intense telepathic/psychic control of others, bodily modification, and omniscience within a range of a few kilometers. Thus far, SCP-XXXX has utilized their abilities for personal benefit, including abducting nearby civilians and radical reformations of localized reality.

SCP-XXXX inhabits an island approximately fourteen kilometers off the coast of Madagascar. SCP-XXXX has not left this island, and it has not yet been determined if it is capable of doing so. Nonetheless, SCP-XXXX's reality-bending capabilities have been altering the island for over fifty years, resulting in large amounts of distortions, inconsistencies, and paradoxical situations occurring over its surface. Whether there are subterranean portions of the island is unclear.

Addenda — Containment Attempts

The following is an abridged list of attempts to contain SCP-XXXX.

Attempt # Containment Method Result
Attempt XXXX-01 Contact1 Both scientists aboard transportation vessel were assaulted and imprisoned by SCP-XXXX. Long-range monitoring revealed that both scientists were being used as slaves.
Attempt XXXX-02 Mobile Task Force (equipped with reality anchors) A small Mobile Task Force cell (Theta-13), equipped with reality anchors, attempted to enter the island in order to apprehend SCP-XXXX and rescue both enslaved scientists. Mobile Task Force was caught unprepared due to inconsistent geometry and extra-dimensional space; as a result, SCP-XXXX was able to terminate the task force by collapsing a section of the island, suffocating them.
Attempt XXXX-05 Specialized Containment Member2 Upon arriving to the island, SCM was assaulted by SCP-XXXX, and was caught off guard. SCP-XXXX successfully terminated the SCM, only receiving minor injuries, which shortly healed thereafter.
Attempt XXXX-13 Long-Distance Perimeter A perimeter of ten kilometers was established around SCP-XXXX's island under the guise of private ownership. Although this seemed to prove effective for a number of days, SCP-XXXX eventually exercised psychic manipulation of a nearby cruise outside of the perimeter and redirected it towards the island.
Attempt XXXX-16 Thaumaturgic Isolation A group of thaumatergic barriers were set up to surround the island SCP-XXXX inhabited. SCP-XXXX successfully destroyed each barrier. One containment staff casualty, no deaths.
Attempt XXXX-21 Long-Range Auditory Incapacitating Cognitohazards Ineffective — entity is possibly non-human or possesses non-human psychology/physiology.
Attempt XXXX-22 Visual Incapacitating Cognitohazards Ineffective — see above.
Attempt XXXX-28 Reality Anchor Bomb Although the bomb caused affected portions of SCP-XXXX's island to revert to a non-modified state, SCP-XXXX seemed to overpower this effect and reinstate its changes. SCP-XXXX also seemed to become agitated, and terminated two previously captured Foundation scientists in a highly visible location.
Attempt XXXX-34 Approximately 700 Reality Anchors at Long Distance All reality anchors failed when SCP-XXXX became aware of their effects. Anchors were recovered without any damage. Three containment staff casualties, two deaths.

Following Attempt XXXX-37 (see unabridged log for more details), the O5 Council issued a termination order on SCP-XXXX.

Attempt # Termination Method Result
Attempt XXXX-42 Mobile Task Force Theta-90 Equipped With High-Intensity Reality Anchors Reality anchors were sufficiently powerful to allow MTF Theta-90 to resist SCP-XXXX's effects temporarily. MTF Theta-90 exchanged fire with SCP-XXXX briefly before fleeing into a nearby forest, with one casualty. MTF Theta-90 used their expertise to track SCP-XXXX from a distance, before attempting to terminate the entity via gunshot. Despite this, SCP-XXXX was able to determine the MTF's location due to the trajectory of the bullet, and terminated them through unknown means.
Attempt XXXX-44 Guided Missile As the missile approached SCP-XXXX's island, SCP-XXXX attempted to use its abilities to steer the missile in another direction. However, due to the Foundation's integration of intensive reality anchoring technology, the missile successfully impacted SCP-XXXX and severely injured it. Despite this, SCP-XXXX seemed to have fully recovered within a few minutes.
Attempt XXXX-45 Repeated Barrage of Guided Missiles Multiple missiles were fired with similar technology to the previous (see above) — despite this, all missiles were stopped mid-air by SCP-XXXX and detonated spontaneously one kilometer from the island. Reality anchors henceforth appeared to show no effectiveness.
Attempt XXXX-49 Mobile Task Force Omega-12 MTF Omega-12 (using their abilities to guise themselves as civilians and partially block SCP-XXXX's omniscience) were successfully "captured" by the entity. When SCP-XXXX got sufficiently close, MTF Omega-12 simultaneously open fired on it, successfully hitting numerous vital organs and incapacitating the entity heavily. Although the entity was believed to be dead, numerous individuals threw themselves onto the task force, one of which was identified as a former member of MTF Theta-90. While distracted, the entity reformed itself, and then used its spatial distortion abilities to create a high-power pressure wave, killing most members of the task force and other individuals instantly. The entity terminated the last of the task force, before relaying via body cam that if the Foundation continued its efforts, they would leave the island and "claim" all of Madagascar.
Attempt XXXX-50 Orbital Railgun Island and entity were instantaneously obliterated. SCP-XXXX reclassified as neutralized.
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