jamcon2020 draft scottyhoff

Item Number:SCP-BOOM!

Object Class:Majestic

Special Containment Procedures:You don't need any explosions are uncontainable. What are you going to do build a wall? Ask nicely? Go underground?1 Explosions are uncontainable period end of sentence2

Description:SCP-BOOM! Is any and all explosions big or small they will fuck your shit upppppppppp man. Trust me you don't want to walk into an explosion in a dark alley, you will lose a few limbs3. Explosions come in all shapes and sizes from BIG BOI4 to microscopic5 Explosions have killed millions of people. They are instrumental to upholding the secrecy and effectiveness of the foundation after all our motto is "SUPER COLLASAL PYROTECHNICS". When in doubt use more nukes!

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