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Item #: SCP-5345

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Scientific findings regarding SCP-5345 are to be altered before being published. While a long term solution is not yet feasible, Project Lunacy is to provide a temporary cover-up for the absence of the moon.

Description: SCP-5345 is the phenomena of the gravitational effects of the moon appearing autonomously from the actual moon. While initially suspected to be the moon anomalously gaining mass, subsequent reduction of its mass on the inside using explosives, only diminished the expected gravitational effects of the moon, not SCP-5345. It was thus concluded that SCP-5345 forms a "pseudo moon", exerting the same gravity and orbiting the earth in the same fashion without an actual physical mass.

As SCP-5345 grew exponentially stronger over time, it was estimated that by 1954 the gravitational effects of the moon would have doubled, potentially having disastrous consequences. Project Lunacy was proposed as a temporary cover, while the original moon was to be slowly broken down until its remains were to be fully destroyed at once.

Project Lunacy is a plane to hide the detonation of earth's moon, using a disk-shaped replica (SCP-5345-A), positioned between it and earth. While a full globe was considered, repositioning and constructions costs were not deemed feasible. The disk was to be constructed behind the moon using SCP-23455 and repositioned in front of it using a large scale thaumaturgical ritual, right before the detonation.

Due to the poor visibility of the moon and the construction of the disk having finished a year earlier, the solar eclipse of the 30th of June, 1954 was chosen as the day of execution for Project Lunacy. The following gravitational fluctuations have been explained by the Allais Effect in 1959, and have been artificially reproduced during every following solar eclipse.

Addendum: 30th June, 1954
Below are the events making up the execution of Project Lunacy, in chronological order.

Time Event
4:00 EST The Sun comes up in the east of North America. The runes inscribed on SCP-5345-A, as well as all involved thaumaturges, are ready for execution.
12:00 EST The eclipse is close to reaching its totality. The ritual is started and the runes begin to glow. Due to the suns brightness, this is not visible.
12:28 EST The thaumaturges finish speaking their mantras and the disk begins to fade between its previous and its intended location. a strong burst of thaumatic radiation is emitted as the disk completely transitions.
12:30 EST The moon is detonated, now covered by the disk. Due to previous efforts, the moon only had around 25% of its original mass left, leading the resulting debris considerably small. The thaumaturgic force field on the back of the disk was activated, expelling the debris away from earth into orbit.
12:40 EST The totality has finished, with the Project being a full success. All involved thaumaturges are given emergency treatment to treat their wounds and exhaustion.

Addendum: 7th January, 1959
Following the Mission of the Luna 1, the first successfully launched lunar probe, that only nearly missed the surface of SCP-5345-A, the decision was made by the O5 council that a full reconstruction of the moon, while keeping its mass at an acceptable level, as to not cause problems interfering with SCP-5345, was not currently possible. As such, the Ennui-Protocol was to be activated. A memetic agent was to be spread among the population, that makes SCP-5345-A appear spherical to anyone that perceives it or refers to it in any fashion.

As of 8th January, 1959 the SCP-5345-Ennui-Protocol has been enacted.

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