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1/5596 LEVEL 1/5596
Item #: SCP-5596


SCP-5596 and Ricky Tony.

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid that resembles a cowboy comprised of spaghetti pasta.

Physically, SCP-XXXX is a male humanoid aged between 25-30 years old. The entirety of SCP-XXXX is composed of approximately 87,000 strands of cooked spaghetti, this includes the epidermis, internal organs, and its skeletal system. Despite their composition, these structures function as expected. SCP-XXXX is sapient and intelligent, choosing to speak in a heavily exaggerated Texan accent.

SCP-XXXX's clothing includes a beige jacket, a blue button-down shirt, leather chaps, boots, and a white, "ten-gallon" hat. Additionally, it carries a lasso and a Colt single-action army revolver, which it claims to use on a regular basis.

SCP-XXXX identifies as "Spaghetti Jones," a self-proclaimed bounty hunter hailing from Dallas, Texas, USA. No records of a Spaghetti Jones have been discovered in any population documents from within Dallas and the surrounding counties. SCP-XXXX claims that its sole purpose is hunting criminals and taking them to justice, however, the bounty hunting described by SCP-XXXX is a creation of the film industry and has little to no historical basis.

Prior to containment, SCP-XXXX lived a nomadic lifestyle, roaming the Gulf Coast1 with its horse, "Ricky Tony," in search of the aforementioned criminals. It would take refuge in homes or hotels, sometimes forcefully, or opt to camp in an uninhabited area.

Addendum One — Primary Interaction


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