By clicking the button below, you agree to submit to a greater power - the power of upvotes. Before fully ascending to the right hand of power, you must make the following vow. Please perform your vows in a secluded, poorly lit area lit only by ceremonial candles or smartphone camera light.

Say the following words out loud:

Oh blessed upvotes,
please acknowledge me, your humble servant.
Please see me and pour out your blessings upon me.
May my upvote module runneth over,
may my comments section be full
and at least generally friendly.

Hold me close, blessed upvotes.
Take my poor downvoted spirit
and increase its top-right-hand-corner number
until it sings a song of praise
once again.

Bless me, blessed upvotes,
and bless you, as well.
Gesundheit, even.

In the name of the upvotes,
and the djkaktus,
and the module, forever-

When you're finished, submit your application below by giving a short summary of how these vows have made you feel in the application text.

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