Final Transmission 354-6

Sol 243, 29:57

This is Colonel Patterson of T-squadron. We are bunkered down thirteen klicks east of Sector K, taking heavy casualties. Myself and three other men are all that remain of my squadron. Ammunition levels are critical, and these creatures just keep coming at us. My men and I are aware that we will most likely not survive this battle. Communications equipment are down and our engineer crossed. We are left with little food, and little water. However, this is not why I am writing this message.

Operation Exsanguination was a success. The enzyme used worked seamlessly, according to Hoskins, and it seemed to reduce the growth rate. I will send a courier to deliver this message, and get us some support, while the rest of us defend the enzyme. We have a few more minutes until those…things come back. We'll hold out for as long as we can. God help us.

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