Zeta-9 and the Journey to the Center of the Tomb
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Item#: 0000
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Location of SCP-0000.

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-0000 is a Zhou dynasty-era tomb located in the southern region of the Gansu province, approximately 250 km south of the city of Longnan. While the precise size of SCP-0000 is still unknown, estimates place it at roughly 3km. SCP-0000 operates as a heat sink, with internal temperatures measuring at a constant -25 -23 Celsius.

Any source of fire brought into SCP-000 will be extinguished as if from a lack of oxygen, regardless of the viablity or size of the fire. Personnel supervising such tests claim to feel a slight increase in temperature immediate afterwards, suggesting a transference of energy, but subsequent measurements have been unable to account for this.

Any unprotected personnel within SCP-0000 will undergo rapid hypothermia, perishing within two to three hours. While still affected by the ambient temperature, animals and anyone covering their mouth and nose with a breathing apparatus appear to be completely unaffected by SCP-0000.

Addendum 0000.1: Discovery

SCP-0000 was discovered by the Zijin Mining Group Co. in 19/07/2018 as part of a explatory mining mission. Upon the discovery of the tomb, the mining was halted as archeologists took over the excavation. Shortly after the tomb was unsealed, all contact with the archeology team was lost. Authorities sent to the location reported that all 34 archeologists were found dead of apparent hypothermia, even though the weather was mild.



Addendum 0000.2: Initial Zeta-9 Exploration Log

Exploration Video Log Transcript


Exploration Team: MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats")

Subject: SCP-0000

Team Lead: Commander Alex Zhao (Alpha, Zeta-9)

Team Members: Operatives Zhang Li (Bravo), Wang Qiang (Charlie), Liu Fang (Delta)


Alpha: Alright, last equipment checks everyone. Make sure those masks are snug, I don't want to have to lug your corpse out of there.

Bravo: Check.

Charlie: Check.

Delta: Check.

Command: You're cleared to proceed. Keep in mind we won't be able to reach you on your comms once inside. You'll pull out after two hours or contact with a confirmed anomaly, hostile or otherwise.

Alpha: Command, we have any idea whose tomb this is? Might help out.

Command: Unfortunately not. We can tell the earliest portions were most likely constructed around 600 BCE, but that doesn't narrow it down, considering most were made well before their king's death. Keep your weapons hot.

Alpha: Understood. Let's go, team.

[Zeta-9 proceeds to enter SCP-0000, passing down a stone corridor.]

Charlie: So. Anyone been tomb-diving before?

Delta: Been through a few. This your first one?

[Zeta-Charlie nods.]

Delta: You get used to them. Don't break any statues, don't pick up any weapons, and for the love of God, stay far, far away from anything made out of jade. Or as I like to call it, the giant red flag of tomb excavation. Nothing good ever comes out of it.

Charlie: Gotcha. My speciality's more with natural subterrean anomalies, like that one temporal anomaly over in Bejing, 6983-

Delta:Shit. Didn't know you were on that. Heard you had to set off demolitions and just blow it up.

Charlie:Yeah, wasn't too fun. Anyways, about two weeks ago I was transferred over from Site-37 for this mission, guess the Director wanted someone with Psi-8 experience on this one.

Alpha: That was my recommendation, actually. So, Charlie: We've got a corpse, hypothermia, and an anomalously cold tomb. What's your educated guess?

Charlie: Hmm. Could be a yokai? They mostly stick to Japan, but I've seen a few pop up over here. Yuki-onna seems like a maybe. Or it could be a standard spirit, gaining anomalous properties due to its method of death. Whatever it is, these knives will do the job.

Bravo: Still not sure about this. We couldn't get any bullets? Makes me feel almost naked here.

Alpha: And have the whole tomb hear us? Might as well strap on megaphones. It'll be much easier.. Chamber up ahead, eyes up.

[Zeta-9 emerges into a circular chamber three meters across. Situated at equidistant points around the chamber are four terra cotta soldiers armed with spears.]

Delta: Oh, hell.

Alpha: Hold on everyone, stay calm. Could just be statues. Bravo?

[Zeta-Bravo inches closer to one of the statues, slowly inspecting it with a small electronic pad. She turns back to Zeta-Alpha and shakes her head.]

Alpha: And I can't hear any voices in my head, so… doesn't look like a SCP-2101 situation here. Just a few more statues.

Bravo: It is a little bit odd, though… just four of them? Qin Shi Huang had over 8000., and that's just the ones uncovered so far.

Charlie: Maybe they couldn't fit any more?

Bravo: Maybe. But the tombs would be made to fit the soldiers, not the other way around. I think they might've been dragged here from another location. Which would suggest someone else co-opted this tomb.

Alpha: So instead of dealing with a Zhou, we're dealing with another dyansty. Not much difference, but I guess it's good to be prepared. Let's move on.

[Zeta-9 proceeds further down the corridor to a small antechmaber with three entrances at the west, east, and northern positions. Several pots are laying on the ground different levels of destruction. Zeta-Delta nkneels down and examins the shards.]

Delta: Yeah, these are definitely Zhou-era pottery. Might chalk this up to standard iconaclasm. Want to collect some samples?

Alpha: Unless it's obviously anomalous, let's leave it. What's through that [eastern] door, Bravo?

Bravo: Coffins. Looks like the servant chamber. Open them up?


Addendum 0000.3: XXXX

Addendum 0000.4: XXXX

Addendum 0000.5: XXXX

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