Just Girly Things Tale
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Apr 6

Missy Flora
List of still to do
Hey Candi. So yesterday you said you'd help me out and…

Apr 5

Kenny Hart
Okay so Missy mentioned that she'd like you to help us…

Apr 5

Just Girly Things
Hello April! new reccomendations have been sent to your email…

Just Girly Things. It wasn't a new email address for her. It was some sort of blog with a bunch of tutorials and advice for girls. Candi didn't exactly mind them or anything. She was girly, or at least she was for the most part. They always called her by her middle name for some reason. She did not care, many of her friends called her that. But it was strange considering she did not have it registered anywhere. But she was no stranger to strange. But this was so little to her, that she couldn’t bring herself to care all that much.

The door to her office swung open, and a young looking woman popped her head in. "Did you get my email Candi?"

Candi nodded slowly. "Yeah, yeah, Missy. I'll look at it in a second, I'm currently working on something at the moment."

"Alright. But don't delay too long. Kenny should have sent you an email too." Flora replied.

"He did, he did. I'll get back to you in the next hour." Candi's words were to Flora, but her attention was on her computer screen.

"Alright, thank you." Flora stepped back from the door way, shutting the door gently.

Candi let out a sigh. She would not have been bothered if Flora hadn't also sent her eight million additional reminder emails.

"Maybe I should actually look at one of these emails she sent. I guess it's important." She moved her mouse to click one of Flora's emails, but somehow it had ended up on one of the many 'Just Girly Things' emails instead. This was the first time she was really getting a full look on one of them.

JGT Text Hotline! <3

Just Girly Things Apr 2, 2018

to me

Hello April! We noticed that perhaps our blog isn't exactly your style. Maybe you would prefer to check out our text hotline and chat with one of our sisters! Link below!


Just Girly Things <3

"I…I suppose I could try it out on my phone. It's still my break anyways, what's the hurt?" Candi gently shut the lid of her computer, and turned her attention to her phone. She quickly pulled up the email, and clicked the link.

The link brought her to a page of the Just Girly Things Blog site. The page simply instructed on how to join the text chat, but it was decorated with a ridiculous amount of hearts and flowers in Candi's opinion.


Thank you for contacting the JustGirlyThings Hotline! Your sister will be right with you! Please list your name and favorite girly thing!

Candi Dots
Candy and polka dots

Hello Candi April Dots! I'm Jess and I'll be your sister today! I like candy too! It's important for us girls to stay girly and keep the norms! SOOOO many girls these days are just giving up their girlhood lol.

What do you mean by 'norms?'

Hm. Candi would not be surprised in the slightest if the person on the other end of the hotline was a sheltered twelve year old that had read too many teenage magazines. 'Jess' honestly sounded more like a program of girl stereotypes than an actual human.

Make up, nail polish, flowers, pink, stuffed animals, pink, cute animals, things like that! SO! What girly things have you been up to Candi?

Not much really. I've just been at work. But I've been eating some cake with pink frosting during my break.

Ahhhwwweeeeee I know that isn't true! Or maybe it is. You've been working with these icky science creatures and in a lab! And you shot a cross bow lately too! You haven't been gossiping with your sistaaaasss about the bitches at your work! And The black and white polka dot dress is cute, but may I suggest something more like this? (Also, ditch the lab coat girl. Ew.)


Thank you for your suggestion, but I think I'm good.

………I'm wearing that dress now, Jess.

Yep, you are! That was my doing! Totally my treat <3

Okay, it was time to get off of this shit show. She double clicked the button on her phone, quickly swiping up to get off of the text app. Her phone was now sitting on the home screen, which now suddenly looked different than it had before. All of the apps were now themed different shades of pink. The wallpaper was a picture of herself in the dress ‘Jess’ had ‘given’ to her. Just simply to test, she clicked on the email app. Completely themed in pink now. Every senders address now read from ‘Just Girly things.’

“Great.” Candi groaned. “All my work emails are gone. I just love that for me.” She set her phone down without turning it off. The screen suddenly pulled up the ‘Just Girly Things’ blog page.

A new sister? Lol! <3

♡By Jess Landons♡


Hey girls! It’s your favorite sister Jess here! So like, OMG. I’ve been talking to SOOOOO many of you and like??? I think I’ve decided who I want to be our new sister! She like doesn’t have to comply or take the position tho personally I think that would be SUUUPERRRR mean. :(

Anyways, the newest girl I’d like to invite to be our sister is….*drumroll please*….


YAAAAASSSS!! I said it! Candi April Dots works in an icky science lab. She like, wants to ‘contain’ the non-normal things and people of society. TOTALLY messed up! So what if I’m ‘not like the other humans’. I’m not! I’m kinda quirky, I know lol. Candi April Dots is reading this rn and like, isn’t phased? Cause she deals with this stuff ALL. THE. TIME. It’s kinda neat tho?? I won’t lie. But I mean I guess I’m just not like other humans. Im quirky and weird, but that just makes me me!! IM JUST NOT LIKE THE OTHER HUMANS!! If you shame me, you’re just total scum. Anyways. To all my sisters that Candi April Dots and her wack friends have locked up, I’m totally sorry boo! :(

April, love you girl! You can return to your girlhood roots by joining us! And also as a treat everything you do on your phone is personalized with the JGT theme! YAY!!

Anyways love you and I hope to see you soon!

Xoxo- Jess♡

Candi could not help but sigh. Yep. This was the kind of shit she was used to.


"You're lucky you didn't get in trouble, Dots." Dr.Leena sighed.

"It's not like I would have. I mean I discovered a new anomaly at the price of both my computer and phone being totally fucked up into a dumb ass girl's blog site thing. I mean should I feel like they're just trying to annoy me by ordering me to write the page for the database?"

Dr.Leena shrugged. "I'm not really sure honestly. But hey, you know about it. It's pretty cool they're trusting in you to research it. Honestly they probably put you on it because you discovered it.

"Meh." Candi rested her chin on the table in front of her. "Might as well use my devices anyways, don't want to corrupt anything else with pink and hearts. And hey I mean, I got this new dress, I guess? I prefer white but whatever, pink will do."

"So uh…" Dr.Leena began, straightening her position. "How long had this service been messaging you? Do you know why?"

Candi gave a simple shrug. "Hell if I would know why. And I'm pretty sure it has only been like three months or something. I mean I like girly things but a lot of people do. It isn't new. Honestly if they were trying to freak me out or get to me they should step up their game. Changing my clothes and talking about my job doesn't phase me."

"Uh, Candi…I'm pretty sure they aren't trying to compete with other anomalies. Seriously is that something you think anomalies just go around trying to do?" Dr.Leena raised an eyebrow.

"What? No. I'm mostly just rambling, you know I don't mean that. Not all anomalies are threatening. Some are just an incredibly annoying blog service with people with the intelligence of a half eaten jelly bean working for it."

"Not to mention it would probably be a pink jelly bean." Dr.Leena added with a laugh. "God that site is an eye sore. Here, let me see it again. I am not going to get that shit infected onto my phone."

Candi nodded with another shrug. She took out her phone from her pocket, and pushed it over to Dr.Leena after unlocking it.

After a few minutes of scrolling through, Dr.Leena let out a groan accompanied by the words, "You've got to be kidding me."

"Hm?" Candi pushed her head up from the table, and turned to face Dr.Leena.

Dr.Leena turned the phone to where the screen was in Candi's field of vision.

OMG hi Leena! You should go to our site! Like on your phone! You know your sister has been seriously doubting her girlhood lately! You could help her out! OOOOOO and I've got the PERFECT list of hair accessories for you!

"Ugh." Candi let out with a long sigh. "Of course it would do that. It's an anomalous blog site they know the user. They act like those magazines that act like they're talking to you personally and know everything about you. Goddamnit!"

Dr.Leena placed a hand of Candi's shoulder with a laugh. "Well hey, at least we're learning more for when you record it in the database, right?"

"Mhm hm." Candi replied with a stiff nod. "It's just joyous."

"You're letting this bother you too much! Other anomalies haven't seemed to bother you like this one. What's the deal?"

Candi let out a scoff with a slow eye roll partnering it. "Blog sites are my pet peeve, okay? They're just almost too normal for me to accept one as an anomaly. But whatever. Maybe it'll give me more new clothes."

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