* Additional Resources: Only second and third images require replacing.
* Second image: 1, 2, 3
* Third image: 1, 2, 3
* Another djkaktus Proposal: Just teh image of Winnie the Pooh himself. Perhaps an edited version of1, 2, or 3.

  • MZL-1730: Only the images containing 106, Bobble, and 682. Bobble's image has already been replaced with a new version (see here), along with 106 (who can be paired with a new, sourceable hospital image, such as this or this). Not sure what to do about 682 (you could combine use a piece of 682 fanart)
  • SCP-715: Only second and third images. Will try to find old photographs that fit originals.

* SCP-1160: Only first image. Base image of field is fine, but I cannot source bird.This bird seems like a fine replacement.
* SCP-1730: This image is currently unsourced, and will need to be replaced (will find replacement). This image could be replaced by this image. This imagecould be replaced by this image.
SCP-1781: You could use a frame from here.
* SCP-1994: Cannot source any of the images used. I'm willing to bet you made them, but just to be sure.
* SCP-2270: Just first image. I believe you said you were working on a replacement for this one? If not, I'll try to help you find a replacement for the field.
* SCP-2271: 1, 2
* SCP-2445: 1, 2, 3
* SCP-2464: Cannot source image, need confirmation of whether or not Kaktus took it.
* SCP-2540: Cannot source lime, but base image is fine. Find new lime.
* SCP-2670: Cannot source robot in second image. All other components are fine, but I need a source for the robot.
* SCP-2776: All three images require replacements. We already decided on the first one, here, so I'll present the others.
— * Second image: Would require monochroming, but perhaps 1, 2, or 3
—* Third image: [NSFW GORE WARNING] Requires editing, but perhaps 1 or 2

* SCP-2812: Cannot source any of the images used. I'm willing to bet you made them, but just to be sure.
* SCP-2846: this one is done
* SCP-3000: Image of Krishnamoorthy has been deleted from Wikimedia Commons for being secretly non-compliant. Consider getting in touch with ARD for a replacement.

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