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Sundown Island, AK, USA.

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-XXXX is contained at its location of discovery. To prevent civilian access to SCP-XXXX, a 1km perimeter has been established around SCP-XXXX, with barbed wire fencing and routine security patrols. Unapproved individuals approaching SCP-XXXX are to be detained and turned over to local authorities. Cover story XXXX.19 "Uncontained Chemical Waste Spill" is to be disseminated within the local community.

Any humanoid entities emerging from SCP-XXXX are to be held in containment for analysis, and then returned to SCP-XXXX. Per Foundation Compliance Agreement XXXX-Flagstaff, any non-Equus1 quadrupedal entities emerging from SCP-XXXX are to be met with lethal force unless otherwise authorized by extant articles of FCA XXXX-Flagstaff.

Ethics Committee Memorandum: Foundation Compliance Agreement XXXX-Flagstaff is currently under review. Until such time as a consensus can be reached, the Compliance Agreement is temporarily suspended and all quadrupedal entities emerging from SCP-XXXX are to be met with lethal force.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a spatial anomaly located 3.4km northeast of Centralia, Oklahoma, USA. The anomaly presents as a opaque distortion in the air, roughly 5m tall and 3.2m wide. The distortion produces minor amounts of electromagnetic interference in electrical equipment, though this effect is not so pronounced as to damage more robust systems.

Beyond SCP-XXXX is a planet within an alternate spatial dimension (currently classified as XXXX.Ada2) populated by numerous species that exist on Earth. Genetic tests performed on entities found within XXXX.Ada have confirmed relatedness to Earth-born species, though minor differences are present. The most significant difference between Ada and Earth, aside from differences in the geographical makeup of the planet beyond SCP-XXXX3, is that human beings are not the dominant species on Ada. Instead, the dominant species on Ada is a species of large, quadrupedal entities that resemble modern horses (Equus ferus caballus).

According to information gathered from sources within SCP-XXXX, human beings (which exist within XXXX.Ada and bear close genetic similarity to modern humans) were domesticated by these horses (self described as "The Equus") during prehistory, when the first group of Equus - led by a legendary being named "Xanthos"4 - approached the humans and made a pact of cooperation with them. Over time, due to the increased perils on Ada, this cooperation became subservience, and humans on Ada now act as a servant class to the more powerful Equus.

The Equus entities (classified collectively as XXXX.E-Equus) appear similar to Earth-born horses, with several significant differences. Equus are significantly larger than Earth horses, with most standing higher than 4m and several members of the ruling class standing more than 11m. Additionally, Equus are significantly stronger, both in physical strength and strength of their hide and internal structures. It is believed that prehistoric Ada humans became subservient to the Equus in part due to their considerable weakness in comparison5. Lastly, Equus are both sentient and sapient, at least at the level of modern Earth humans and in many cases noticeably more. The increase in intelligence is believed to be in some way related to their increase in size, as the brains of the Equus are likely much larger than their Earth counterparts. This has allowed the Equus to both dominate their environment (specifically through the use of their human builders) and command the use of speech, which they do so in an unknown language6.

There are a number of other sentient Earth-based species that occupy Ada, the majority of which live either in servitude towards or have been colonized by the Equus. Several species, namely those who identify under the banner Cervid, are currently in open rebellion against the Equus and their human builders. Information gathered from within SCP-XXXX indicates that SCP-XXXX itself was created to allow access to Earth by Cervidian aggressors in order to commit a genocide against mankind, presumably as a way of striking indirectly against the Equus. Despite the intervention of the God-King Secretariat7, the Cervidians have begun a campaign of hostile aggression against the human beings on Ada. It was determined that, in order to alleviate the suffering of the Adan humans, the Foundation's military assets would become involved in the defensive effort against the Cervids.

Addendum XXXX.1: Discovery

SCP-XXXX was discovered after reports of a massive horse were investigated by Foundation agents in the region, who determined that there were three such entities, two smaller horses and one considerably larger and armored. The following is a recording of the initial exchange between the entities, who had with them a human translator capable only of speaking an ancient Mesopotamian dialect. After some initial issues with the language barrier, a proper translator was brought in to facilitate the discussion.

Individuals in recording:

  • One member of the Equus ruling class "General California Chrome"
  • Two members of the Equus military "Unbridled" and "Ferdinand"
  • One Adan human translator
  • Foundation translator Dr. Mehmet Aldin
  • Two members of a local Foundation investigative team, Agents Long and Valdez


Dr. Aldin: (Speaks in Mesopotamian dialect)

Translator: (Speaks in Mesopotamian dialect)

Dr. Aldin: That's astounding, he speaks it like it's his mother tongue, I've never heard anyone so fluent before.

Agent Valdez: What is he saying?

Dr. Aldin: He says, "Gracious tidings to you, Man. You stand in the presence of the great Commander of His Highest Holinesses Armies, General California Chrome and two of his retinue, Unbridled and Ferdinand. Blessed is your fortune for this unparalleled gift."

Agent Long: Ask him what the horses are.

Dr. Aldin: (Speaks in Mesopotamian dialect)

Translator: (Gasps, then answers)

Dr. Aldin: He says that these are three of the- er, Equus, I think, who are gods who walk amongst men. The word he uses is strange, it's almost like he's saying they're primordial. Something fundamental.

Agent Long: Ask him his name.

Dr. Aldin: (Asks question)

Translator: (Pauses, answers)

Dr. Aldin: He says it is not suitable to speak his name in the presence of his masters.

Agent Valdez: Masters? Does he mean the horses?

Dr. Aldin: Let me ask. (Speaks in Mesopotamian dialect)

Translator: (Responds)

Dr. Aldin: He's asking that you stop calling them horses, they-

The largest of the three entities opens its mouth and a sharp, low, loud sound is emitted, like a foghorn. The translator recoils.

Translator: (Speaks)

Dr. Aldin: The largest entity there, he's saying that's General California Chrome. He's come as a envoy to the highest levels of our government, to bring us into the counsel of their… god-emperor? I've never heard that before.

Agent Long: California Chrome… isn't that a racehorse? The one who won the derby a few years ago?

Another short, sharp blast from the largest entity. The translator speaks quickly afterwards.

Dr. Aldin: He's saying there is no time to waste. We're being summoned before their god, it seems.

Agent Valdez: Let's radio this in and get some more eyes on it. Tell him we're going to bring in a diplomatic group to negotiate further.

Dr. Aldin: (Speaks in Mesopotamian dialect)

Translator: (To XXXX.California-Chrome)

The largest entity nods slowly.


Addendum XXXX.2: Diplomatic Meeting

Following the events described in Addendum XXXX.1, a Foundation diplomatic team led by Hannah Barristan entered SCP-XXXX under the supervision of XXXX.California-Chrome, XXXX.Ferdinand, and XXXX.Unbridled. Across the threshold of SCP-XXXX, the team found a landscape of rolling hills with a large, marble city sitting on the highest hill some distance away.

Several additional instances of SCP-XXXX.E-Equus were present in the field directly adjacent to SCP-XXXX, including many of the native humans in primitive war vehicles. Upon crossing over, the team was led by XXXX.California-Chrome to the top of another nearby hill, where they were met by an XXXX.E-Equus entity taller and leaner than XXXX.California-Chrome. Two additional XXXX.E-Equus entities flanked this one, and the smaller and darker of the two addressed the group.

Note: Audio recordings of this and other meetings do not share the same translative properties as spoken word in XXXX.Ada; as such, the following transcript was written by a member of the diplomatic team.

Individuals in recording:

  • XXXX.E-Equus God-King Secretariat
  • Three members of the Equus ruling class
    • XXXX.California-Chrome
    • XXXX.Zenyatta
    • XXXX.Preakness
  • Various members of the Equus military
  • Adan human translators
  • Foundation diplomatic expert Hannah Barristan
  • Members of the Foundation diplomatic team

XXXX.Zenyatta: Blessings upon you, foreigners. You stand in the presence of the Plainswalker, the Rolling Thunder, Most High Holy and Greatest of Conquerors, Son Most Honored of Eclipse the Firstborn, Guardian of the the Endless Plain and Grand Architect of the First Song of Ada, Imperial Deific Pontifex Aquis Eclipset Secretariat, His divinity and magnificence unquestioned. Addressing you now is myself, Zenyatta, who has the honor of carrying his father's lineage. Across from us is the commander of the Imperial Guard, Preakness, the Sword of Night. You have met General California Chrome and his retinue; these are the members of His Majesty's Royal Guard.

Barristan: Greetings and blessings to you, our gracious hosts. Before we treat formally I would beg forgiveness for any social malfeasance by myself or any members of my party in this initial meeting between our two cultures.

XXXX.Secretariat nods. XXXX.Zenyatta sees this and nods in response.

XXXX.Zenyatta: His Majesty notes your apology and blesses you with His forgiveness. You may speak freely.

Barristan: What is this place?

XXXX.Zenyatta: These are the lands of the Great Plains, ancestral home of our forefathers and the dominion of the Emperor. There in the distance you can see the great city of Nasrullah, named for the Grandsire of the Emperor. Everything the light of the sun touches is His Majesty's kingdom.

Barristan: Very impressive. Your envoy, General California Chrome, spoke to us in our world about our presence being needed for a pressing matter.

XXXX.Zenyatta: You are a representative of your world, yes? You have the authority to treat with us?

Barristan: For the purposes of this conversation yes, I have been given this authority.

XXXX.Secretariat nods again.

XXXX.Zenyatta: Very well. The many race of our world live together in relative harmony here on these fertile plains. Equus, man, canine, feline, raptor, fish. All have bent their knees before His Majesty's golden throne and pledged fealty to the Emperor. All, that is, except for the Cervids of the blistering north. The horned elk and moose still resist His Majesty's domain over our world, and have broken into open rebellion against the throne. Their usurper king is Ajax the Accursed, and they have targeted the settlements of man, the builders, and put them to the death by horn and hoof.

Barristan: Why?

XXXX.Preakness: They are cowards who fight in the cold and dark. They know nothing of honor.

XXXX.Zenyatta turns towards XXXX.Preakness and shakes its head.

XXXX.Zenyatta: Forgive my brother - he speaks out of line, though also truly. They have targeted men, the little folk, because their religion tells stories that would credit our Emperor's bloodline and authority to them. They say a man first led the All-Father Eclipse through this gate, in the time before time. (Laughs) It is a preposterous tale, but one they tell themselves. It is for this reason that we have asked for your aid.

Barristan: What do you think you need from us?

XXXX.Zenyatta: While the stories of the Cervidians are false accounts, it is true that men are not of this world. When Eclipse first opened the Door of Stars, he brought the starving inhabitants of yours through the door to shelter them against their enemies, and in payment for the life debt that cannot be settled the little folk helped Eclipse build this world.

Barristan: Those first men who came through, what were their names? Is there any record of this?

XXXX.Zenyatta: Men may have some knowledge of this, but the Equus do not concern themselves with the histories of our lessers.

Barristan: I see. You still haven't told me why we were asked to come here.

XXXX.Zenyatta: The Imperial army has tried time and time again to attack those fell fortifications in the north and eliminate this threat, and each time we are rebuffed. The God-King would no doubt make short work of the threat, but the security of the empire would be threatened were he to leave this greatest seat of power. The lands of the blistering north are very far away, and at such distance our soldiers can no longer feel the warmth of His Majesty. Worse than this is the cruel machinations of the enemy - witchery and sacrifices to fell gods. Their incantations weaken our soldiers and ruin their resolve. However, men are unaffected by these evil tricks. Our men must stay at His Majesty's side, and are no true army anyway, so by his own divine providence did Imperialis Secretariat opened the Door of Stars again and called you to come to your brethren's aid.

Barristan: This is a lot to take in.

XXXX.Zenyatta: There is little time to consider.

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