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Item#: 0000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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SCP-0000-A (center), SCP-0000-B instances (right) and victim (left). Image context unknown.
Only known image of SCP-0000-A.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation resources embedded within local authorities are to monitor for reports of young women soliciting sexual services within the SCP-0000 area of operation. The imperative of SCP-0000 containment efforts are to find and capture SCP-0000-A itself - instances of SCP-0000-B can be terminated as-needed, as termination does not currently seem sufficient to destroy instances of SCP-0000-B permanently.

RAISA must make available for SCP-0000 containment teams a database of all individuals who are known to be within the appropriate demographics to be targeted by SCP-0000-A. If necessary, these individuals can be [DATA EXPUNGED PER REGIONAL DIRECTOR ORDER - See Addendum 0000.X for additional details pertaining to OPERATION RIGID HAND]. Individuals within this group traveling to SCP-0000's area of operation are to be identified and tracked.

In order to maintain currently established containment efforts, Mobile Task Force K-54 "Free Radicals" is to pursue a campaign of aggression against the SCP-0000-B Group of Interest known as the "Sisters". This campaign is to persist until such that time SCP-0000-A is located, captured and sufficiently contained.

Description: SCP-0000 is the group designation for various anomalous entities active in the eastern districts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

SCP-0000-A is a human woman of Malay descent. While SCP-0000-A has not yet been interacted with by Foundation personnel, there are multiple eyewitness reports of SCP-0000-A's actions and activities since its original discovery in 2003. SCP-0000-A is believed to be a penanggalan, an entity from Malay folklore supposedly resulting from a human women practicing dark magic. In the case of SCP-0000-A, it is believed the entity is involved in a thaumaturgical contract with a greater devil. See Addendum 0000.1 below.

SCP-0000-B appear to be beautiful human women, similarly of Malay descent. However, these entities are lesser devils or succubi, likely in service of the greater devil contracted to SCP-0000-A. Little is known about the origin or motivations of these entities, though it is believed that they act as the initial mechanism by which SCP-0000-A acquires and consumes human beings as part of its agreement with the greater devil it serves.


SCP-0000-B instance. Image from recovered security footage.

SCP-0000-A preys specifically on wealthy, recently divorced or single, typically western males who travel to Kuala Lumpur for the purposes of sexual tourism. These men are anomalously seduced by the SCP-0000-B instances, who bring their victims to one of many "pleasure houses". These are generally anomalous spaces created by SCP-0000-A in otherwise abandoned or dilapidated structures, and are easily dispersed once Foundation agents become aware of them.

Once within these spaces, SCP-0000-B instances begin a process of ritualistic sexual intercourse with the victim. It is currently believed that this activity is a means by which the SCP-0000-B paralyzes the victim and prepares them for exposure to SCP-0000-A. At the conclusion of this process the victim is carried before SCP-0000-A1.

SCP-0000-A will separate its head from its body prior to feeding, pulling its organs and bowels out through the opening in its neck and becoming ambulatory. How SCP-0000-A feeds is unknown, though it is believed that victims are conscious throughout the process until they die from blood loss or are completely consumed. Partially consumed victims of SCP-0000-A have been found, though their state of advanced

Addendum 0000.1: Discovery

Addendum 0000.2: XXXX


Addendum 0000.3: XXXX

Addendum 0000.4: XXXX

Addendum 0000.5: XXXX

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