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Live footage of SCP-0000 manifesting over USMILA Site-19.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-19 Tilda Moose K. Pathos Crow Tau-5 "Samsara"

Special Containment Procedures: SCP Foundation Western Regional Command has authorized use of the Strategic Task Force Tau-5 "Samsara" to begin infiltration, discovery, and containment efforts within SCP-0000.

Due to the variety of threats inimical to life present within SCP-0000, no standard personnel are permitted entry to the location. The use of Project GIGATON's R-15 "WarHawk" Biomechanical Reconstitution Gunship has been authorized to supplement STF Tau-5's efforts within SCP-0000. Commander Sarah Hughes has been designed Operations Controller for all of STF Tau-5's ongoing containment efforts.

Full lockdown procedures are in effect. Foundation personnel located within Site-19 are to move to their designated lockdown zones until further notice. No civilians are permitted within a 10km radius of SCP-0000 and Site-19. The SCPF Department of Information Control has authorized use of cover story A-4 "Reactor Meltdown", if necessary, to move civilians to a safe distance. Any individuals apprehended attempting to approach Site-19 are to be moved to Site-14 and held for amnestic processing.

Classification Committee Memorandum: Due to the innately illogical nature of SCP-0000, the Classification Committee has determined that the anomaly be classified as KETER-DARK, wherein all Keter-class containment procedures remain in place but personnel are expected to understand that interacting with SCP-0000 should not carry with it the reasonable expectation of logical outcomes.

Description: SCP-0000 is a superdimensional space currently manifesting over UNMILA Site-19. SCP-0000 is a near-identical copy of Site-19 as it appeared in the year 2009. Evidence suggests the location is not temporally shifted in any way and technology within the site has kept pace and in some ways exceeded that of the modern, baseline Earth.

SCP-0000 appears to originate from a dimension in which currently known logical truths are either absent or otherwise altered in a way that severely deviates from the standard reality. This breakdown of logical stability is present within the space that SCP-0000 currently occupies, but does not extend further than 10m from the exterior of the structure. However, testing of logical proofs near SCP-0000 indicates that this deterioration in standard reason is expanding at an unpredictable rate.


SCP-0000 during Project GAZER trials.

SCP-0000's manifestation is currently believed to be the result of an abnormal outcome during an experiment being conducted within Site-19's Spatial Research Lab. This experiment, part of the ongoing Project GAZER trials, uses information and technology recovered from the neutralized SCP-17301 which contained a machine capable of crossdimensional transportation. For more information on the Project GAZER trials, see Addendum 0000.X. The end result of these trials saw the manifestation of a miniaturized superdimensional anomaly, which is believed to have connected the baseline universe to the universe in which SCP-0000 originates2.

Over time, this anomaly developed into a much larger superdimensional space. While this was originally believed to be a natural progression, it soon became apparent that the anomaly was being altered on the opposite end of the superdimensional space. This realization came alongside a series of transmissions originating from within SCP-0000. These transmissions were determined to be coded messages using an obsolete RAISA cypher which had not been in use since 2009. The full content of these messages are below:



can you read me?

i know you're in there. i can hear something on the other side. what are you doing in there?

oh. i see. you don't want me to notice what you're doing. well then you shouldn't have put this little bubble on the middle of my desk, huh?

i see. you're like me, but worse.

where's all your color? where's all your panache?

if you can't do what you're doing and look good doing it, then what the fuck are you even doing?

While each of the previous messages had arrived within hours of each other, the final message did not arrive until three weeks later.

I've taken some things into consideration.

Whatever you are, whatever you're doing, you're doing a poor job of it. Allowing us to see through to where you are and keep an eye on you was foolish. You could've put a titanium-telekill box around it and kept us in the dark. But you didn't.

And that made me wonder why. If you're trying to contain the anomalous at any cost, you have to be willing to do things that would be uncomfortable.

Sure, maybe that telekill box would be expensive. But what's the draining of the world's vaults compared to the safety and peace that comes with containment?

Unable to reconcile this, we only had one other conclusion to reach - you think you're better than us.

What you're doing is putting on a show, just for appearances. But when it comes to getting your hands dirty, you pull away and let things slip through the cracks.

We're making art here, and everything you are rests in defiance of our efforts.

Fortunately for us, you've poked the universe just hard enough to give us something to pry against. All we need to do now is PUSH.

Once we're in, we'll make sure you're doing the job properly - and we'll make sure to bring along all the sex appeal that you're so desperately lacking while we're at it.

Don't worry.

Look at it this way. Your retirement has just been greatly accelerated.

You should be thanking us.

But we won't hold it against you if you don't.

Jack Bright, Ph.D
King of Nightmares
Lord of Death
Director, Site-19

Following this final message, the butt of a cigar was expelled from within SCP-0000, which then began to change dramatically over the course of several hours, both growing in size and repositioning itself above Site-19. The anomaly, now presenting as a large, flat, tempestuous black disc arcing with lightning, dropped 20m towards the Earth from its resting spot, revealing an alternate Site-19 in its entirety. Lockdown procedures immediately went into effect.

Addendum 0000.1: Preliminary Discussions

Shortly after the full manifestation of SCP-0000, SCP Foundation Western Regional Command gathered at Site-14 to discuss possible containment protocols and, if necessary, evacuation procedures.


In Attendance:

  • Dr. Sophia Light - Director, Western Regional Command
  • Dr. Joyce Kinch - Asst. Director, Western Regional Command
  • Dr. K. Pathos Crow - Director, Foundation Technology
  • Dr. Raymond House - Director, Site-19
  • Cmdt. Troy Lament - Director, Foundation Task Forces
  • Dr. Cyril Matherson - Chairman, Ethics Committee
  • Dr. Justine Everwood - GOI Research Lead, Site-19

Others in attendance:

  • Tech. Eleanor Empira - Foundation Technology
  • Cmdr. Sarah Hughes - Tau-5 Operations Controller
  • Agent Zynah Ghazi - Overwatch Command Liaison
  • Dr. Yossi Leiner - Department of Tactical Theology
  • Alfonso Mallard - Requisitions

Dr. Light: I appreciate you all arriving under such short notice. Obviously this is not optimal for any of us, but we needed to take action quickly. Ray, if you would.

Dr. House: We believe this thing is a result of the Project GAZER trials we were running out of the temporospatial research lab. The anomaly we manifested there using the 1730 data was manipulated on the other end by whoever we connected to.

Dr. Kinch: Who did we connect to?

Dr. House: I'm not certain. Preliminary guess? It's us, but assholes. Dr. Powell is working on a more comprehensive report, but in short it seems as if the logical constructs that apply in our universe don't apply in theirs, so much of what we consider "reasonable" doesn't make sense to them. They… seem to have taken offense to this?

Cmdr. Hughes: Have they shown any signs of hostility yet?

Dr. House: Not to us, uh, rather, not to our personnel, but- (gestures at Technician Empira)

Dr. Light: Eleanor, if you would.

Tech. Empira: Yes, thank you - sorry. They're manipulating our terminals and making it difficult to access information from within the site. Obviously those closest to the epicenter are the most affected, but many of our off-site personnel records are being edited as well. It seems like they're using the same credentials to access our fileservers that we were using ten years ago, but those credentials are… still working. We don't know how to explain this and we're not sure how to stop it. It doesn't make sense.

Dr. Light: What do you need from us in order to secure the sensitive documents on-site?

Tech. Empira: We have Alexandra and the new Modulum unit running those calculations right now. Unfortunately, neither of them can get too close either - they start acting strangely when interacting with affected files. Alexandra's vocal processor took on a sudden, sharp southern accent for about three hours last night before we could partition off the affected parts of her pseudocerebral interface.

Dr. Light: Understood. Dr. Everwood, have we been in communication with our external contacts about this?

Dr. Everwood: At length. We're trying to keep wraps on it at the moment, obviously, but I was able to get in touch with a Librarian who offered to look them up for us.

Dr. Light: Very good. Let me know as soon as we've got anything else there.

Dr. Everwood: Will do. Also-

Dr. Light: Yes?

Dr. Everwood: You're familiar with Faeowynn Wilson, of Wilson's Wildlife? I got a call from them today asking if everything was alright.

Dr. Light: Do you think anything leaked to them?

Dr. Everwood: It's possible, but it's more likely she was calling because they've got a fish calling itself "Mr. Trout" at their reserve that's threatening litigation if it isn't released.

Dr. Light: And it wasn't doing that previously?

Dr. Everwood: That is correct, yes.

Dr. Pathos Crow: Breakdown in logical constructs… seemingly absent of reason… dear god.

Cmdt. Lament: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Dr. Light: What are you two on about?

Dr. Pathos Crow: Director, Sophia, please. Forgive me. I believe there may be something larger at work here.

Dr. Light: Elaborate.

Dr. Pathos Crow: I would, were it not a matter of uh… well, the classification of that project…

Dr. Light: Is there some problem here, Kain? Agent Ghazi?

Agent Ghazi: The doctor is correct in that the details of Project PIPER are restricted above anyone in this room outside of himself, Commandant Lament, and myself. (Pauses) However, considering the circumstances, it is perhaps prudent that we are working with as much information as is available. You may proceed, Dr. Crow.

Dr. Pathos Crow: Thank you, Agent. About twelve years ago there was a rash of incidents involving high ranking members of senior staff abusing their privileges within the Foundation, often for personal gain. Some of these were site directors or higher, and as this was prior to the creation of the Regional Command Directives there was little oversight of their activity outside of direct influence from the Overseers, who… don't enjoy dealing with that sort of thing.

Dr. Light: What are you talking about? How do I not know this?

Dr. Pathos Crow: Well, that's just it, isn't it? Not only were these doctors destructive, but the example they set for others was cancerous. If left unchecked, that kind of influence could have been ruinous, especially with as vulnerable as we were at the time. There were obviously uh, amnestic application to some other members of staff… this was, you may remember, shortly after the collapse of Omega-7, and we couldn't risk additional… risk. So we, well, some other researchers and I, proposed a means by which to mitigate some of this… undue influence.

Dr. Matherson: And how exactly did you do that?

Dr. Pathos Crow: There's an anomalous artifact within the Foundation's possession that allows us to purposefully creating branching universes, simply by clicking a button on a laptop. It was a genius play, honestly, and allowed us to uh, to simply shuffle through branching universes until we felt that influence had been appropriately mitigated.

Dr. Light: How in the world did you determine that?

Dr. Pathos Crow: Well, each iteration carried with it the ability to contact a person there, for a short time. Once we had determined that the majority of the uh, of the offending personality traits were moved out of our current reality, we simply shut the laptop and have not touched it since.

Cmdr. Hughes: Jesus, Doctor. How many times did you do this?

Dr. Pathos Crow: I, uh… well…

Agent Ghazi: Six hundred and seventy-two. Each iteration required the loss of a single D-Class, which would be used to determine that state of the branching universe.

Dr. Matherson: My god… who signed off on this?

Agent Ghazi: The determination was made to take this action by the Overseer Council, and Dr. Charles Gears. It has been universally successful.

Dr. Pathos Crow: I- I had my reservations, though. Dr. Scranton proposed that uh, that if the branching universes were made too quickly, they would be unstable and would eventually collapse on themselves, creating a sort of… a kind of…

Cmdr. Hughes: You created a universe of concentrated dipshit.

Dr. Pathos Crow: It was just theory, you understand. We certainly would not have anticipated the uh, the sort of fundamental breakdown in reason that their universe expresses, though I suppose that the narrative structure of those compressed universes could become more fragile if a sufficiently forceful ontokinetic force were-

Dr. Light: Kain, enough. Goodness. So where do we go from here?

Dr. Pathos Crow: Yes, well, fortunately we do have a plan for this. The temporospatial anomaly that is anchoring them here exists in two places simultaneously - unfortunately, both of those places are currently within our universe. However, their connection here is tenuous, so long as the anomaly continues to exist where it originated - the temporospatial research lab, which is currently buried under some uh, some amount of rubble. If they were to dispel that anomaly there, it's not unreasonable to believe that the entire structure would become permanently anchored here and then, well, would quickly become affected by gravity among other things-

Dr. Light: Kain, please, the Cliff's Notes.

Dr. Pathos Crow: Yes yes, but the same can be said about their connection as well. The anomaly also exists in the exact same location within their Site-19, and if it were disrupted by an appropriately… disruptive… something, their connection to this reality would be severed, and the entire site would vanish back to whence it came.

Dr. Kinch: You make that sound so easy.

Dr. Pathos Crow: Well, certainly, in theory…

Cmdr. Hughes: Alright, so what's the plan? We go in, plant a charge, get out? Blow their end up and send them flying out of here?

Dr. Pathos Crow: I'm afraid it's not quite so easy. Only the upper portions of their Site-19 have emerged from the anomaly - the remaining lower levels are no doubt concretely anchored in their reality, so even if you managed to get into the site you'd still need to pass that barrier into a universe with no uh, no real sense of logic, or… sense… and then yes, you'd need to plant a charge - but the temporospatial laboratory did not exist in 2009. That whole section of the site was administrative offices, before the current admin wing was built, and I don't uh, I don't know what was-

Dr. Leiner: I know what was there.

Dr. Kinch: What's your name?

Dr. House: Ah, yes, apologies - this is Dr. Leiner, a member of our Tactical Theology department. Currently studying the uh, more weaponized facets of the Abrahamic faiths.

Dr. Light: Very good. What do you know about that part of the site, doctor?

Dr. Leiner: I had an office down there at the time, doing basic data entry and archival work. There were actually three doctors who had offices there, though by the end of the year two of them had gone and the one remaining doctor had knocked down the walls to form a single office. So it just depends on when in the year they-

Dr. Light: Dr. Leiner, whose office was it?

Dr. Leiner: That would be Doctor Bright, Director.

Dr. Light: (Groans) Of course. Of course it was. So their version of Bright wasn't lying - I bet this thing ended up right on the middle of his desk. Jesus Christ why is it always Bright.

Cmdt. Lament: We have tactical layouts of the site plan, Director. We can get our strike team in there as soon as possible.

Dr. Light: We have no idea what they'll be running into in there, Commandant. We need to gather more intel, get some reconnaissance from the interior, more-

Dr. House: Director, if I might.

Dr. Light: Please.

Dr. House: This is Alfonso Mallard, Director. They work in our Requisitions department. I believe they have had an uh, an experience that may accelerate our thinking here.

Dr. Light: I see. What's he got?

Dr. House: They, Director, and Alfonso - if you would.

Dr. Light: Of course - my mistake. Sincerest apologies, agent.

Mallard: No need, Director. I spoke to Director House earlier about something strange I experienced shortly after the alarms started going off. As we were locking down our offices, I started getting phone calls, over and over again, and on the other line was a… well, it was a woman, Director, and she sounded almost rabid. Her accent was profoundly thick, as well, very… southern.

Dr. Light: Did she identify herself? What did she say?

Mallard: She just kept saying "I'm going to come down there and put my whole face up in those ass cheeks. My whole face. Right up in that ass. I want to smell my own stank. I'm coming to get that stank."

Dr. Light: That's what she said?

Mallard: As she said it, Director. "Get that stank", that's what she said.

Dr. Light: Did she identify herself?

Mallard: Unfortunately, she didn't need to, Director. It was your voice on the phone.


Dr. Light: I just… fuck.

Addendum 0000.2: Incursion Attempts

The following is a log of attempts made by Mobile Task Force Nu-7 "Hammer Down" to infiltrate the SCP-0000 superstructure. Nu-7 teams were under the command of Cmdt. Lament, and tasked with setting up a forward position from which the primary Tau-5 team could be inserted.

This operation, codified as SWIFT, took place over two weeks in June of 2019. After thirty-seven failed attempts to insert into SCP-0000, MTF Nu-7 was called to stand down.

OP# Task Force Insertion Loc. Casualties Notes
1 Nu-7 A-Wing Break Room 2 injured Team repelled by armed doctors prior to insertion.
2 Nu-7 A-Wing Break Room N/A Drone armed with incendiary device is attacked by individual who swings SCP-120 down on top of it. The drone is immediately relocated to the lunar surface, where two individuals in white spacesuits shoot it.
3 Nu-7 A-Wing Break Room 1 injured Team attempts to strafe insertion site with machine gun fire from attack helicopter. Team is forced to make emergency landing when confectionary products launched at high speed from somewhere within the open ceiling of the A-Wing break room damage the tail rotor of the aircraft.
4 Nu-7 A-Wing Biological Library 5 injured, 1 MIA
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