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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained within the former SCP Foundation Site-4. Due to the ongoing threat of danger to persons who enter Site-4, access to the site is currently forbidden. The exterior of the site is to be monitored at all times.

It is unknown how many, if any at all, Foundation personnel remain within the site. Attempts to remotely communicate with these individuals are ongoing.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation for a hostile, incorporeal anomalous entity currently inhabiting the former SCP Foundation Kardzali Research Facility1 (ID# BUKZKZ Site-4). SCP-XXXX was discovered during excavation of an area beneath the site's lower levels in order to expand one of the site's research wings. This excavation opened into a small antechamber containing the vessel believed to have itself contained SCP-XXXX.

The exact nature of SCP-XXXX is unknown. While SCP-XXXX has been detected on audio recording equipment within the site, no visual evidence of SCP-XXXX exists due to SCP-XXXX's anomalous effect on light within Site-4. Immediately after the vessel containing SCP-XXXX was opened, all light within the walls of Site-4 was suddenly extinguished. Attempts to create light within the facility have universally failed; while light emitting devices appear to function as expected2, they produce no light whatsoever within Site-4. This includes heads-up devices, optical implants, and thermal or infrared display units.

Additionally, since the appearance of SCP-XXXX, Site-4 has begun to gradually sink into the ground below it. Geological data gathered during the construction of Site-4 indicates that this should not happen, as the site was chosen specifically for the suitably high bedrock layer and stable terrain. Despite this, the site continues to sink at a rate of 2-4.75cm/day. At this rate, the entirety of Site-4 will be below ground within six months.

Several attempts to enter Site-4 for the purposes of search and rescue were planned, and although three attempts were conducted all failed shortly after beginning due to the conditions within the site. Teams were unable to maneuver through the site's interfaces, specifically the optical scanners. Additionally, teams reported hearing inhuman noises within the site, leading one team to open fire at the hazard, seriously injuring one of the team members.

As no communications have been received from within the site, all personnel assigned to Site-4 are considered KIA. Additional attempts to breach the site and search for remains have been discussed, but none have yet been planned.

Addendum XXXX.1: Audio Log

The following is the transcript of the solitary audio log recovered from within Site-4. The file is believed to have been transmitted accidentally, as the subject of the recording (Agent Leanna

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