The Tower and The Hermit
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Item #: SCP-3471

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: 10 armed guards are to patrol the Eiffel Tower in the event of civilian interference. Civilians who attempt to interact with SCP-3471 without authorized permission are to be administered Class A Amnestics.

Foundation Web-Crawler 72BYL29 ("Fine Wine") flags all confirmed pictures on the internet of the Eiffel Tower. These images are then sent to AIC.Sandra. All pictures containing SCP-3471 will be edited accordingly, and then will replace the original image on the internet using Administrator Override String 718. Due to SCP-3471's seemingly physically non-anomalous appearance, extensive information containment is unnecessary.

SCP-3471 itself does not require physical containment due to its anomalous effect. SCP-3471 is to be given 3 meals per day, as per Nutritional Document 281-A. SCP-3471 is encouraged to continuously exercise in any way it can. SCP-3471 is allowed to request items to bring into the Eiffel Tower as a reward for good behavior. All items given to SCP-3471 must be approved by the On-Site Containment Specialist.

A small medical team has been stationed near the Eiffel Tower in the event of a medical emergency with SCP-3471. Security cameras have been established within multiple areas along the Eiffel Tower in order to monitor SCP-3471. More information can be found within Document Merveille Du Monde.


The Eiffel Tower. SCP-3471 is absent from this picture.

Description: SCP-3471 is a human male of French nationality, approximately 58 years of age at the time of writing. SCP-3471 speaks fluent French, and very basic English. SCP-3471 was discovered in 1979 after the municipal police were called regarding a man eating food while on the Eiffel Tower. The police attempted to remove SCP-3471 away from the tower, but couldn't get it past an "invisible barrier." The Foundation was alerted to this, set up containment protocols, and amnesticized all witnesses of the event.

SCP-3471 cannot leave the Eiffel Tower. More specifically, a 100 meter wide area surrounds the tower that SCP-3471 cannot penetrate. However, all other forms of life can enter and exit the barrier. All attempts at destroying this barrier have been met with failure. When asked what the barrier feels like, SCP-3471 described it as feeling very smooth and flat, comparing it to plastic.

SCP-3471 is capable of navigating the Eiffel Tower by climbing the iron beams that line the tower. SCP-3471 claims that originally it was capable of jumping in between each iron beam, but due to old age, it is no longer able to do this. SCP-3471 states that it does not wish to use the Tower's stairs, but will do so when injured and/or sick. Additionally, SCP-3471 has set up various household items on different "levels" on the Eiffel Tower, balancing them on the iron beams. As of writing, SCP-3471 owns the following items:

  • 1 CRT television.
  • 1 charcoal grill, as well as 30 bags of charcoal and 2 bottles of lighter fluid.
  • 1 old stove, equipped with 5 tanks of propane. The oven does not appear to function.
  • 1 porcelain toilet, connected to a pipe that runs into the ground, and has access to plumbing.
  • 3 steel buckets.
  • 1 washboard.
  • 20 different pairs of shirts.
  • 10 different pairs of pants.
  • A large steel container. Presumably the place SCP-3471 uses to bathe.
  • 1 mattress.
  • 20 different books.
  • and 427 full water bottles.

SCP-3471 is generally cooperative with Foundation staff. Most of the time, SCP-3471 enjoys talking to other people, and has agreed to interview with Foundation staff.

Incident Choufleur:

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