Freedom Isn't Free
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Item #: SCP-3423

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: As containment for SCP-3423 is not necessary at this time, Foundation efforts are directed towards the spread of SCP-3423's anomalous effect across as many nations as possible. With the introduction of Project Pearly-Gates, approximately 61% of the world's population is under the effects of SCP-3423. This is expected to grow to 95% by the year 2085.

The US Constitution is currently housed at Site-551, and is within High Security Anomalous Object storage. In the event that the Constitution and/or SCP-3423 is ever destroyed or damaged beyond repair, Emergency Protocol ManDes is to be enacted immediately.

Description: SCP-3423 is the 28th amendment to the United States Constitution, created in collaboration between the SCP Foundation, Prometheus Labs, and the US Government, ratified on 18/9/2035.

SCP-3423 produces a strong memetic effect in humans. Affected subjects will have their sense of objective reality strengthened vastly. Subjects experiencing anomalous objects and phenomena will acknowledge them as if they were non-anomalous. SCP-3423's effect appears to "contaminate" any meme that is connected to the US Constitution in any way. Contaminated memes carry SCP-3423's effect, but are severely dampened. Contaminated memes include:

  • Any form of American war propaganda.
  • Products that were created within North America.
  • Products that were created by companies initially founded within North America.
  • Haliaeetus leucocephalus1.
  • Any species within the genus Bison.
  • The United States's flag.

Since its ratification in 2035, 98% of all US citizens have since been affected by SCP-3423. GoI-1162 ("Prometheus Labs") quickly became an extremely successful company within the United States, and has improved the living quality of citizens by a considerable quantity.

Almost all Foundation sites within North and South America (aside from a small skeleton crew) have moved to areas that have not been affected by SCP-3423, in order to maintain secrecy in areas where it has not been strengthened.


NOTE FROM: Dr. Albert

DATE: 8/4/2036

Attaching my findings for SCP-3423 here for anyone interested;

So, I decided to run a battery of tests to see if there was any other unintended side effects of SCP-3423 before we started spreading the memetic effect to other nations. I exposed a group of 20 D-class personnel to SCP-3423 entirely, and let them go about their normal Foundation duties around their respective sites.

  • Affected subjects were generally less aware of their surroundings, and would run into walls and tables, and would accidentally trip a lot more than usual.
  • Subjects, when given a choice between two products, would almost always choose the product that was viewed as "name brand," even if the contents of the products were the exact same.
  • Subjects had a distaste for multiple popular stores, such as WalMart, Walgreens, Sam's Mart, and Kroger.
  • Subjects had an interest in stores and chains operated by GoI-1162 ("Prometheus Labs").

I'm currently not sure if these were intended or not, but these side effects are currently not documented in the main document, and should probably be addressed. Any questions regarding these newfound side effects should be directed towards me.

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