Feel Sorry For Another World Long Gone And The Memes That Come With It
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Item #: SCP-3831

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: All social networking sites affected by SCP-3831 have been completely shut down during SCP-3831, to prevent any civilian access. A deal has been made with the companies of these sites to prevent knowledge of this incident from reaching the public.

Description: SCP-3831 was a period between April 7th, 2016 and April 9th, 2016, when major social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Reddit began posting links to non-existent events. During this time, users were met with errors that hindered their ability to post. The creator of posts during this time all had usernames that are related to individuals that exist in our reality.

It is currently theorized that during SCP-3831, the sites were connected to their counterparts within an alternate reality, and were displaying posts by users from that reality. It is theorized that the reality that these sites connected to was Universe Alpha-Phi, a universe very similar to Universe Alpha-Ask1. It is theorized that Alpha-Phi's Earth was destroyed shortly after SCP-3831.


SCP-3831 began early in the morning on April 7th after Foundation operatives were alerted to most social networking sites being inaccessible, and posts from non-existent users began to surface. Upon order of the Council of the United, all of these sites were shut down, and a Hands-Free Amnestic Image was released shortly after SCP-3831.

The following are examples of posts made during SCP-3831. Personnel reading this are to be reminded that these posts are made by people who do not exist. And as such, sympathizing with them is not needed.

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