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Item #: SCP-3495

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3495 is currently contained within a lead-lined containment chamber. Currently, attempts at communication with SCP-3495 have been postponed, due to the object's ability. Research into SCP-3495's significance to the Foundation is ongoing.

Description: SCP-3495 is a decomposed human corpse. Despite having no muscles within the neck area, SCP-3495 will occasionally move its head from side to side. This is done in a way that may suggest that SCP-3495 is sentient, despite being dead.

Currently, SCP-3495 emits 12,500 roentgens of radiation every hour. However, this effect is confined within a 1 meter area around SCP-3495, allowing safe interaction with the object at a distance. Occasionally, the area of effect will increase to 10 meters around SCP-3495, and will instead emit 50,750 roentgens every minute.

SCP-3495 is dressed in standard attire for someone employed in the scientific community, such as a white lab coat, and a blue undershirt. A name tag and a single piece of paper were found on SCP-3495 shortly after containment. The name tag is as follows:

Dr. Hermann █████

Department of Abnormalities

SCP Foundation

Security Clearance: 4
Granted by O5-1 of the SCP Foundation, Kolt Moor

It is to be noted that there are no records of Dr. █████ within the database, nor has there been the existence of a Department of Abnormalities within the Foundation before.

The document found on SCP-3495 contains coordinates, as well as a sentence that reads "Anomaly found in Guatemala. Probably going to be relocated here". After further investigation, it was coordinates to [REDACTED]. A small MTF team was sent to investigate this area, and an entrance to an underground bunker was discovered. On the entrance to the bunker, was an engraving that read "ADRX-19, Department of Abnormalities".

Within the bunker was a a single room, possibly serving as a containment chamber. It was lead-lined, and and several broken floodlights are found within. A modified humidifier was also found. It is theorized that the room was sealed with a blast door, and that it was completely destroyed in the past. A small device that functioned as a strobe light was found in the middle of the room. It is unknown what purpose it served.

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